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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Slugger and The Foot

With all the chat about The Leak from Frank here and from Sara here another aspect of the Police Union raise issue has been ignored: Mayor Marty Blum.

She's a slugger and a fighter all right. Speaks her mind, breast cancer survivor, populist politician, all that. But hey, it's hard to knock a homer with your foot in your mouth. Do not get me wrong, but BlogaBarbara is about free speech, and here is my take, is Slugger swinging at the right pitches? Taking on the Police Union? I'm not so sure, I've got my doubts. Even if she's against the raise, why so strident? Quotes like these seem much:
"It makes me sick...I see the people who are running for office very worried about getting the police endorsement.
Couldn't she oppose the raise without striking strident tones against others on City Council? She's probably correct, but still, why this fight?

On the other hand, it seems quite odd to me that she and Dan Secord -- her most-rumored challenger for Mayor -- voted in unison on this one. Why didn't he side with the police and set himself up for an endorsement? In an election year, how could these two seemingly inevitable rivals be on the same page?

I must admit that Iya Falcone comes off poorly, and that she looks, well, kinda spiteful or guilty or just silly. I just don't get how Secord and Blum voted the same way. Picking fights, no matter the validity, with the Police Union seems weird when running for Mayor, at least to me. There is something here that we simply are not privy to, not yet anyway.

Finally, Blum states:

"If I don't get re-elected because I believe we shouldn't be spending our reserves, I am going to have to do something else than be mayor. I don't want to be on a council with no reserves. I am happy to be fiscally responsible and if people don't like that, there's an easy way they can get rid of me."
Brave, I guess. Stupid and brave? Smart and brave? Jury out. Strike? Ball? Walk? Don't know. A strange fight to fight. But then again, we at BlogaBarbara pick fights with folks who buy ink by the barrel -- so who are we to judge?

Hard not to like her, but I must admit that it's totally gonna be fun to watch this game play out, extra innings or not.


Blogger David Pritchett said...

Why would Secord care about anyone's endorsement? His political career is over. Fiscal responsibility is an issue that can cross natural political alliances or rivals, so very expected that Blum and Secord agreed the same.

The vote by Das Williams was the most surprising, considering he does now OWE the police union anything as started his Council tenure as a fiscal conservative. The conclusion by Williams that "working families" like the police need the pay raise would apply to EVERYONE and bust the City budget immediately. Working families in Santa Barbara ALL need a household income of $200 thousand, which is a fantasy.

3/30/2005 6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fiscal responsibility? Marty voted for 5% raises for the Firefighters. Not that 3% baloney that the Math major keeps spouting. 4% per year for 4 years for SEIU. 4% per year for the Police civilian workers. So the straw that would break the camels back is 1% per year for two years for Police Officers? That is the increase that breaks the City financially? Not the raises for the other 800 employees plus the council, mayoral raises. Not to mention Armstrong(Jim not Travis) crossing the $200,000 mark It was always personal, never financial. McGrew behaved badly, but please don't kid yourself that it wasn't anything other than personal pique and embarassment that made Marty line up with the Doc.

6/06/2005 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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