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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

SoCo Caca Go NoCo

Sara posts below on last weeks Poodle but didn't mention this section of the column which I simply can't resist:
It turns out that the South Coast is incapable of handling its Port-a-Potty waste stream locally and has taken to exporting a significant amount of flow to Santa Maria. It seems those weirdly blue chemical disinfectants that keep Port-a-Potties smelling farm fresh wreak havoc on the precise chemical processes that transform the South Coast’s human waste into a harmless sludge soup. So much for living “within our resources,” long the mantra of South Coast eco-warriors. If nothing else, maybe this will revive the push to split Santa Barbara County in two. Perhaps the insult of being the dumping ground for South Coast feces will prove so outrageous to North County sensibilities that it will overcome the profound economic violence a county split would inflict upon North County residents. In the meantime, I’m sure glad I didn’t step in any of it. Too bad we’re all swimming in it.
I would love for North County to collect their marbles and walk away. I'm sick to death of their whining about South County liberals while those very same liberals are paying their effing bills. So much for the GOP being the party of "responsibility" -- kinda makes me wanna retch. In the meantime, I've just one phrase for North County to consider: you're soaking in it.


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