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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Santa Cambodia Island

Here we go parrot Wendy McCaw takes her screeching to an all-time high!

Last week's post on how the News-Repress thinks the League of Conservation Voters award winning Rep. Lois Capps isn't an environmentalist was eclipsed today by the blatant promotion of a pigs-rights group at the Santa Barbara Public Library. Can't believe it? Read on:

The National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy, which owns much of Santa Cruz Island, are bent on turning the island into killing fields later this month or April. These organizations, particularly the conservancy's Los Angeles office, haven't been upfront in the past about the details of their plans.

Killing Fields? Oh, please. Not to make too fine a point, but the plants have been there for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The pigs, as the name would imply, are eating everything in sight and destroying native plant life and threatening other native animal species that don't, well, eat everything in sight.

Wild pigs have been at home on Santa Cruz Island since 1852 so there's no rush to begin a multimillion-dollar campaign to kill them.

Please consider joining the Channel Islands Animal Protection Association and other concerned residents at a public forum at 6:30 p.m. in the Santa Barbara downtown library's Faulkner Gallery, 40 E. Anapamu St.

Now, Sara likes animals. Sara even likes pigs. Sara wants to protect animals wherever she can -- but Sara thinks that it's about balance -- not blindness. The anniversary of Malcolm X's death was last week -- "by any means necessary" should only apply to broad goals, not a narrow, perhaps even wrong-headed, agenda.


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