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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Straight Up Obfuscation!

County Split proponent Jim Diani said this in the newspaper this morning:

Mr. Diani said the organization would file all financial receipts -- as other campaigns and political groups do -- at the county elections office if it decided to raise campaign cash.

"We need to be straight-up with our community," Mr. Diani said after consulting with an attorney. "We're not going to buck the system."

The organization will make a decision on fundraising later this year, he said.

He's not being "straight up"! Excuse me -- I'll talk to my attorney and then give you the information...the truth is that they already have bucked and likely used the system. This was clearly an effort on behalf of a ballot initiative -- which would be campaign related and require a report. What would be a problem is if a 501c4 campaigned on behalf of a candidate and didn't file any reports....hmmmmm, there's no evidence to back this possibility up, but is he hiding something? Time may tell.


Anonymous Saddened in South County said...

Well I'm all for "being straight up"...however, I'm also all for allowing, encouraging the North County to secede before our entire county is destroyed. I don't really care who subsidizes the move if it would mean not having to listen to Firestone and Gray demonize those of us in the South who care about Oak trees AND people. I say: "welcome to California, Mission County"

4/11/2006 8:15 AM  
Anonymous Valerio said...

This news seems to be that they finally reveal their funding, but the amount is zero. However, they still are sustained from a prior loan of more than $200K loaned to Diani.

In other words, Diani is paying for it all, or enought of it all that this whole county "split" movement is bankrolled by him, personally.

A loan is just how to finance a political campaign with one's own money.

Follow The Money. What would Diani have to gain by a financially desperate Mission County chosing to sprawl its way into financial stability????

Diani Construction company is easy to research. It constructs lots of buildings and even more roads.

So is this why Santa Maria City Council also likes roads and sprawl, and opposes "Measure D" sales tax to pay for busses and instead wants the funds for busses to pay for road repairs????

Follow the Money. Stinky financial conflicts of interest all around.

4/11/2006 9:41 AM  

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