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Friday, December 29, 2006

BlogaBarbara 2006 in Review: November and December

We began the month making predictions on the upcoming elections. Hattie pretty much got it right for Sheriff. In Goleta, just about everyone was surprised by the end of November when it turned out all three incumbents were ousted. Not too much of a surprise in the 2nd District race or school board. We asked that KEYT list the candidates in percentage rather than alphabetical order if they are using more than one screen and wondered how Richard Cochrane could blame UCSB students for Sheriff Anderson's loss.

Vlad Kogan at the News-Press and the Goleta Observer decided to ride off into the sunset within days of each other (hmmmm....I doubt they were connected). Craig Smith did a great job at reporting on how Sara Miller McCune shook up the SBNP Lifetime Achievement Awards. Travis Armstrong told us that The Organized didn't have the right to peacefully protest outside their event and we read an Agness Huff release saying the NP was going to prosecute over the matter. The AJR article came out and Armstrong cried conspiracy over the city's desire to remodel DLG Plaza. The News-Press made Business Week and two days later a fence was erected around their parking lot. They dropped Community TV from their TV listings due to "space reasons" when there was plenty the week before. Jimmy's was sold to the Trust for Historic Preservation with plans on making it into a museum.

November Overview Stats:
News-Press Mess: 7
News-Press Policy: 2
SBNP Editorials: 1 (opinion), 0 (neutral), 0 (no opinion)
Election for 2nd District: 2
Goleta City Council: 4
2nd District Race: 2
School Board: 1
Sheriff: 3
SB City Council: 3
Planning: 1
Other: 5

Earlier this month the UCSB Gaucho Mens Soccer Team won the NCAA Chapionship and we also looked at relaxed drug rules in our schools. There was a Hedge Row at the Lowe's and no one from the News-Press covered it. Old Navy is set to go in where Copelands was. Sheriff Anderson blamed the Elections Office for a SNAFU that probably did not cost him the election. If that wasn't enough -- it was reported that he was seeking a high profile job at the County to keep his retirement going. We looked at whether The Independent is biased and asked "What would Colin do?". Barry "Big Heavy" Capello went after small business owners on Wendy McCaw's behalf and her CFO Randy Alcorn was let go. Nelville told us about "tighter and brighter" reporting and Judge Hall was removed from the bench. The SBNP decided to sue the AJR and the 101 was closed for hours on the 19th due to an overturned truck. The ACLU got into the sign controversy and Nelville told us that the "obey the law" signs defamed an executive. Finally we looked at the Planning Commissioner vote, found that the NLRB will look into the Burns firing and looked at this year in review.

December Overview Stats:
News-Press Mess: 13
SBNP articles: 1
Sheriff: 2
Planning: 1
SB City Council: 2
Year in Review: 4
Other: 6


Anonymous Nelville Flynn said...

The blog moderator appears to be careless with details.

I never asserted that the defamatory signs constituted a form of product disparagement. Rather, I commented that the News-Press would take action against product disparagement as well as defamation of its executives. The Paterno story included numerous examples of both product disparagement and character defamation; the signs mentioned an executive, rather than a product, so the defamation falls in the second category.

Also, the blog moderator misspells the name of the News-Press co-publisher. It's Arthur von Wiesenberger, for the record.

Lastly, I'm a bit curious why the moderator chooses to single out my posts as newsworthy, as there are dozens of people participating in this forum.

12/30/2006 9:24 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Thanks for the update Nelville -- I edited both items and apologize. Also, I mentioned your posts as this was a review of posts not comments (of which there are dozens). You will notice that several times throughout the year -- including recently -- I've posted something you've written for discussion. The product dispargement issue, for instance, was something I saw as worthy of discussion. I didn't agree with you but saw your point.

12/30/2006 11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How curious that "Nelville" constantly refers to you, Sara, as "blog moderator" or "moderator" rather than by your nom de plume, and fails to address you directly as well.

He seems reluctant to make you a real person, and this depersonalization perhaps makes his job of spreading his special brand of FUD much easier.

Or perhaps this is just his small way of getting back at those who refer to his boss/ladylove as "The Wendy" rather than just her name.

12/31/2006 12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neville wrestles with the relative trivia of disparage vs. defame while the News-Press sinks to the bottom of the river, chained by McCaw and Wiesenberger themselves to the triple concrete blocks of low content quality, terrible employee morale and incompetent management.

12/31/2006 7:10 PM  
Anonymous First District Streetfighter said...

For today's installment of how the Newspress keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, the front-page article on December 31 was the exact same news issue that appeared on the front page of Daily Sound THIRTY days earlier on December 1.

That article is about how a low-price copycat winery is making its label for chardonnay wine look the same as the label by the original Santa Barbara Winery.

Also, the Travisty editorial on December 31 mentioned that their latest lawyer Barry Cappello donated a huge wad of cash to UC Los Angeles. Daily Sound ran that story 12 days earlier on December 19.

And on December 30, the Newspress business section included a good article by Maria Zate about the rebound of condo prices, but instead of a photo of representative condos noted in the article, below that news article instead was a plug for in a photo about
expensive champagne wine with more description at the personal web site of the Nipster himself.

Any bias there? This was bumping news photos for self-promoting plugs for the "co-publisher" own pretentious web site.

1/01/2007 1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I noticed about today's News-Press:

page A1: Wendy's New Year message has her 6-year old photo (I prefer the Indy's version) and not one mention about the NP mess. She will tirelessly dedicate her time and resources (the lawyers are furiously billing as we speak) to fight the good fight. Oh, and there is a quote from Winston Churchill, and a mention of young people going to war (a tip to a certain columnist).

Page A1: A story on water! Larry from Carpinteria travels the world to help set up purification systems.

Page A8: A New Year's Editorial about pigs and turkeys.

Page B6: The plight of the impoverished California Yurok Native Americans. They are missing out on making money from having a Casino and Spa. They get the whole back page of the B section, under the weather.

Page E1: Three columns of Season's Greetings classifieds, wishing Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad. Gee, wasn't Christmas a week ago? I recall seeing these ads on Christmas!

I sense a theme here...

1/01/2007 7:58 PM  

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