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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

La Cumbre Plaza ArtWalk Update

Got this note from an organizer of the La Cumbre ArtWalk -- good follow up to our recent post:

The update is we will not have any show dates for 2008 at La Cumbre Plaza. Management has told us the construction will be ongoing throughout the year. We were told they may re-introduce us in the Spring of 2009. We are looking for a new location for this year.
After 3 years of building a show we would hate to loose our momentum. We have many new artisans wanting to join us and musicians as well. Our goal is to find a venue that is local friendly and understands that handcrafted wares made in America is what our community wants to see. We thank the community for all their support and please continue to let La Cumbre Plaza know that you hope to see us back! We will keep you posted about our new location and if you have any ideas please go to our and leave your message.

Shelly Szekely
C.A.O.(chief artisan organizer)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not the upper parking lot at Sears? Or a section of Sears' lower lot?

2/05/2008 10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the upper part of Sears;it's often barely full, so would people go there? If that is not acceptable to the management what about space at the CostCo mall, in conjunction with Sunday's farmers' market? After all, there is the Sunday Cabrillo Blvd event for Santa Barbara.

2/06/2008 7:25 AM  
Anonymous Muggsie said...

Interesting. It looks to me like the majority of construction is finished at La Cumbre mall.

Here's MY decision: I will not be shopping at that mall in all of 2008. I wish I had known this info yesterday because I dropped some money there buying clothes for my kid.

Additionally, I will be calling and writing letters to all of the stores which would normally get my business. Thus, Tiffany's is safe from my wrath, but I'm sure they couldn't give a rat's ass about me anyway as I detest conspicuous displays of wealth which is all they sell.


Local # (805)569-6700

W. Bruce Johnson, Interim Chief Executive Officer and President
Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Corp # (847) 286-2500


Local #

Lisa Harper, CEO
500 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Corp # (415) 278-7000

(Coincidentally, they also own Janie & Jack, a new store at La Cumbre, but not one that I'd be shopping in as my kid's no longer an infant.)

Macy's, Inc.

Local #: (805) 687-6411

Terry J. Lundgren
President and Chief
Executive Officer

7 West Seventh St.,
Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Corporate # (513) 579-7000

Williams Sonoma

Local # (805) 569-6913

Howard Lester, CEO
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
3250 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109

Corporate # (415) 421-7900

(This company also owns Pottery Barn, another store I don't generally shop at.)

I think that's about it. Now and again, I'd hit the other stores there but the stores listed above are the stores I've driven specifically to La Cumbre to shop.

But not anymore. Nope.

2/06/2008 1:01 PM  
Anonymous Art Kaboom said...

i liked the artwalk at improved with it included more and more interesting arts and crafts...i would like to see it continue to grow...somewhere like the calle real market place that has great exposure to the local public....sounds good...enjoyed the music too

2/06/2008 1:07 PM  
Anonymous C.A.O. said...

Thanks for the suggestions about Sears parking lot and the market place out by Costco. About the construction, they will be tearing down the "over hang" from Coach to the Walkng Co is what we were told. And there will be build outs while the new stores are moving in. I was also told they are putting in new tile walk ways. The comment cards are available at the office in the mall, that is the best way to let the management know how you would like to see the Artwalk back.

2/07/2008 8:07 AM  
Blogger rae said...

Appears that La Cumbre Plaza management has become too high brow for most of our mundane tastes.

2/07/2008 1:44 PM  
Anonymous plain jane in luxuryland said...

I think the whole city is becoming too highbrow for most of us who are simply regular folks not given to conspicuous consumption or luxury living. Getting the feeling lately that anyone with a desire for a simple approach to life, keeping our neighborhoods nice, having decent schools for our kids, and prices we can afford might just as well leave to make way for the rich and famous (and those who serve them) for whom this city is being redesigned.

2/08/2008 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I participated in the LaCumbre ArtWalk many times over the past three years and comments from the Shoppers were that they were happy to see us there. We, the artist, also shopped the stores and on the whole, the Shop Keepers were happy to have us there.
I certainly would like to see this an continuing event as there are few places for the artist to show and sell there work without traveling out of town.

2/09/2008 10:40 PM  

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