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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Was Das Stopped by Johnny Law?

Lauren Hansen took these pictures over at EdHat. Looks like Council Member Das Williams was stopped by a police officer during the McCain protest in Montecito. Guess the police officer (looks like he's from the City) didn't recognize him....anyone know the story?

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Anonymous Boo on this blog entry said...

I can't tell anything by looking at this photo except that there's a police officer in it and Das appears to be smiling.

To suggest what might be happening without knowing the facts is presumptuous, offensive and unethical.

6/25/2008 8:44 PM  
Blogger Bill Carson said...

On his bike with no helmet. Tsk, tsk, Das. You (a councilman) should be setting a better example for our youth.

Then again, since when has that been your priority?

6/25/2008 9:32 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Satire? Comedy? I guess they have no place on a "serious blog" like BlogaBarbara? It was probably nothing but an interesting picture nonetheless.

Bill! You've got the tsk!tsk! going a little heavy today -- first Pritchett and now Williams.

6/25/2008 9:53 PM  
Anonymous David Pritchett said...

Sara, you really need to get out more.

I was standing right there with the crowd as Das mounted his bike and rode away. He was entertaining a long-winded person who seemed to be advocating that health care insurance should somehow be part of the City General Plan update, then he slowly rode off as some in the crowd cheered in recognition of his pointed remarks earlier to the crowd.

The photos of him by the City cops in the street are mere coincidental incidents of place and time. No discussion with the cops happened at that moment in the photos.

How Das keeps his suit pants from grease stains caused by his bike chain was what I was wondering as I watched him ride away, but we all know he does not use a bike helmet on Council meeting days because it would smash down his perfectly gelled and coifed hair.

6/25/2008 11:15 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

David -- Ha! I do need to get out more and have been getting a bit too pale of late!

6/26/2008 5:31 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

To the private message sent via public format -- I couldn't post that but agree with your logic and approach. Totally understand where you are coming from.

6/26/2008 5:33 AM  
Anonymous anyone said...

Where were the "pointed comments" said and what were they??

I agree that the caption of this post is pointless --- it looked to me as though Das was showing off his new bike or what looks like a new bike.

6/26/2008 9:48 AM  
Anonymous das said...

New bike on a Council salary? Now that's far fetched...Like many of my things, including suits, its a hand-me-down from a friend I grew up with in Isla Vista. Still, its an awesome bike!

Bill, I'm not perfect, gimme a break, but you're right that I should wear the helmet everytime.

Now, I'd make you a deal. If I wear a helmet, will you sit down with me sometime so we can talk and you'll realize I'm not really out to destroy Santa Barbara and civilization as we know it?

6/26/2008 9:37 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Thanks Das. Perhaps my lame attempt at a little humor wasn't so bad after all -- take him up on it Bill!

6/27/2008 4:48 AM  
Anonymous Helmet Advocate said...

Speaking of helmets and our youth...

... how many schools in Santa Barabara "allow" students to ride their bikes onto campus?

How many of them even cursorily demand compliance with the State of California's helmet laws?

As far as I know, only ONE, César Chávez Charter School. If there be others, I gladly stand corrected.

While we are on summer break, perhaps The Councilman could make an effort to reach out to our elementary, junior high and high school principals and encourage them to enforce the helmet laws.

This gas crisis will have many more students riding their bikes to school this fall, mark my words. What tragedy could be prevented if the students are strongly encouraged to PROPERLY wear helmets?

I'd bet more than one, that's for sure.

How about it, Councilman?

6/27/2008 6:40 PM  
Anonymous anyone said...

As for new bike or no new bike, it's disingenuous to suggest that on a council person's salary ($30K plus sizable benefits) for a parttime job (assuming a full-time job is 40 hours/week/52 weeks a year) Mr. Williams can't afford a new bike. He also frequently has said he works as a community organizer in Ventura against Wal-Mart), teaches a class at UCSB, etc.

The median income in Santa Barbara is about $26,000/year - I don't know how many of them buy new bikes (that range upwards from $150) but probably some.... I have no idea what kind of bike that is that is "awesome".

Point was that the posting headline was unfair.

6/30/2008 1:29 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Mea Culpa. The posting wasn't at all about the bike though! I'm glad Das rides one -- no matter how much it costs.

Last time I try to be funny! :)

6/30/2008 6:44 PM  
Blogger Bill Carson said...


Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to maintain my anonymity here.

Besides, meeting you to discuss why you make the decisions you do wouldn’t be very productive. There’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words. No matter how many ways you try to convince me (us) that you’re not out to destroy SB, your actions and your philosophies demonstrate that you are doing just that.

There will come a day that everyone in this community will discover the folly of “smart growth”. The policies that you are pushing today will eventually ruin everything that makes SB so unique and beautiful. At some point you will move on, the fad of smart growth will have come and gone, but the damage will be with us for generations.

If you are as “deep” as you claim to be, I suggest that you stop making attempts to talk people like me out of disagreeing with you, and instead reflect on what you are doing to this community. If you’re willing to be honest with yourself, perhaps you will find better ways to preserve and protect our Santa Barbara.


6/30/2008 11:25 PM  
Anonymous nomdecrayola said...

check that median income figure - isn't it more like $65K

7/01/2008 3:50 PM  

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