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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cryptic, Ransom-like Note from Coalition for a Healthier Goleta

Erstwhile former Goleta Council candidate Roy Zbinden sent what I will playfully call a "ransom-like note" to the Santa Barbara Independent. It doesn't have a thing to do with health care.

Why the sensational description? The Indy said it best -- "At present, the citizens of Goleta still do not know who belongs to this concerned group, and more importantly, who is paying their bills." I can just imagine Nick Welsh carefully opening the note with latex gloves...when reporter Ben Preston went to Zbinden's house, the ajar door was closed and the deadbolt locked. Why the conspiracy? Why did they bother communicating with the press? Perhaps the "we" is misplaced as Zbinden used the first person at an interesting place in his missive:

Goleta residents want things fixed — and they want leaders who can make decisions based on what is good for our city and our residents, not on any personal bias or agenda.

I have been a Goleta resident for more than thirty years. I want to see our city thrive.

The Coalition for a Healthier Goleta has come together as a group made up of long-time active Goleta residents to voice our concerns in an effort to educate Goletans about those important issues.

Fixed? What does that mean? If this wasn't enough, Zbinden pulled a "I won't talk to the 'liberal' media" card, saying "This will be the Coalition’s only statement regarding our goals and activities. Our materials speak for our issues and views".

He should stop taking his cues from the McCain/Palin campaign -- transparency is what works in politics today. The world is too open to do otherwise. Joe the Plumber for instance turns out to be a donor to McCain from before the debate. Also, Sarah Palin and family have appeared to get a $150,000 wardrobe shopping spree -- including $75,000 at Neiman Marcus -- for what? A month? Today, she also said that the Vice-President is "in charge" of the the Constitution lately? To be fair, Joe Biden hasn't given a press conference in a longer amount of time than Sarah Palin (although he has clearly given many times as many in his lifetime). Still, when will they learn?

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