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Saturday, November 01, 2008

New anti-HBJ Hit Piece Shows Ties to GOP

These scans of a recent mailer were sent by an avid reader last night...thanks much for the scans and most of the text below. -- Sara

The "California Citizens for Ethics in Government” sent out this mailer which many Ventura County residents received yesterday. This new PAC has the same phone number as the Republican Party’s lawyer. They pretend it’s a real ethical research outfit and it’s the Republicans’ lawyer!!!!

They are telling us they “investigated” the charges and “Tony Strickland’s record is far more independent.” The PAC showed that it is funded by Indian tribes and Republicans in a late expenditure report.

This is the same lawyer who just issued a threatening letter with unspecified charges to the VCDCC and Vote Blue over voter fraud and it’s the same one who handled the VCRCC’s “membership mailer” case a year and a half ago.

A search at Call-Access shows the committee has the same phone number as:

Charles H. Bell, Jr.
Bell McAndrews & Hiltachk LLP
455 Capitol Mall, Suite 801
Sacramento, CA 95814

They also haven't filed any forms for this election:
FILER ID: 1311427

This committee has not electronically filed a Form 460/461/450 for this election cycle. For further information, click on prior year displays to see if historical filings are available. Also check for late contribution filings if a major filing deadline has not yet occurred for this election cycle.

Hmmmm, when will it be too expensive for these groups to feel forced to file their pre-election campaign reports on time? Right now, the fees are so low they figure it's the cost of doing business....dirty business.

Note: It turns out they filed a late report -- funded by the above mentioned Republicans and Indian Tribes. I guess I missed it the first time I checked. Still, you would have to really search to find the money trail.

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Anonymous Union Label said...

How many of Hannnah-Beth's flyers come from public employee unions? They very people she will now become beholden to when they demand more salary increases, benefits, job security and early retirement pensions .... ALL PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS?

When public employee unions now get automatic union dues deductions from the salaries we tax payers pay them, and the unions in turn keep buying more and more legislators who keep paying off this union support with more tax payer paid for goodies, you have a totally closed, totally dysfunctional system.

The ultimate irony is this dysfunction is what people want to "change" yet they are supporting the very people who are bought off by this totally dysfunctional closed loop assault on our tax dollars.

Follow the public employee union money (SEIU in particular) and you have the very reasons we will have continued dysfunction in our government; not less until we really change and see through this very carefully calculated fraud.

Fire, police, teachers are ALL public employees represented by the most powerful unions out there who are sending you brochure after brochure supporting their candidates who will keep that tax payer money flowing directly into their hands, at the tax payers expense.

You have to learn to divorce your kids teacher whom I know you want to support from the teacher unions who are the most over-reaching, greedy and secretly powerful organization who have ruined public education in this state.

Dump everyone who sends you brochures from the "teachers", the "police" and any other public employee union dressed up as some friendly supportive organization. These are people paid by your tax dollars and their unions want only one thing - MORE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Vote against every single one of them. It is your only way to really get change. And the easiest clue is 99% of them are also Democrats, from Obama on down.

11/01/2008 8:58 AM  
Anonymous Eugene Debs said...

Labor Unions are so terrible.

Political candidates should get their money from alcohol, tobacco, and oil companies instead!!

Money from the dues paid by people who work for a living is just terrible!

Just look at the Santa Barbara Newspress. When the Teamsters moved in, the quality of that newspaper just dived and imploded, so obviously that Teamsters union is why the Newspress now sucks.

11/01/2008 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Teddy Roosevelt said...

Really, if Republicans cannot commit crimes as a way to get elected, then how else could they do it?

11/01/2008 3:59 PM  
Anonymous Union Label said...

ACORN and SEIU will run this country. Obama is only their sock puppet. Scratch a little deeper and you find George Soros money funding the whole pack. If this is what you want, you are welcome to it. But at least know what you are signing up for, all you hopey-changey dupes.

Kill the corporations and you kill the goose you keep trying to goose for more goodies. Think about this - who are you going to rob from if you kill them off? Where will all the money for the Obama handouts come from.

Be nice to corporations and rich people because they are already paying more than their fare share for all the goodies you already have. And you think you will get more after you kill them off? Get real.

Unions have killed jobs and sent work overseas. And all you have is one more rust belt. Unions are killing off municipal governments with bankrupting demands and power grabs. Say goodby to those piggy troughs too.

Tax payers are in revolt. Put your fingers to the wind and know which way the wind is blowing, before you blow it.

If Obama wins and sticks it to business and taxpayers he will have a total revolt on his hands in his first two years. The stock market already registered what they think of him. It tanked. What an orgy of self-indulgent self-immolation Obamaniacs are on. It will be fun to watch it all blow up in their faces, if the price was not so high.

Be sane. Vote Palin-McCain. McCain has run a very clean campaign. Obama has not.

Labor unions, particularly public employee unions (teachers, prisons, police, fire etc) are terrible. Just look at California and see if you need any further proof.

11/01/2008 6:37 PM  
Anonymous sa1 the plumber said...

Q-"Think about this - who are you going to rob from if you kill them off?"


Although I can empathize with your rant on the greed of Cali's employee unions, I can not understand the right wing's constant defense of the wealthy. Most all these corporations and individuals would be dead in the water if not for the infrastructure and security built with tax income over the years. The selfishness and misplaced narcissismm of the wealthy is truely sickening.

What's worse is the posers like "Joe the Plumber" and the anti tax defenders who don't even have a clue of finance which is evident in their delusional rants about how liberals are going to destroy the economy.

Like how Obama caused this year's global financial crisis? What about the stock market dive in 2000-'01 when Bush was elected? How about '87 when "The Gipper" was Prez?

BTW- Doesn't Gilman remind you of one of those "Young Republican" geeks from Animal House?

11/02/2008 1:27 AM  
Anonymous AN50 said...

Nobody I know defends the wealthy, just the ability to become wealthy. There is a place you can go if being taxed to death and coddled by government is your cup of tea, its called Europe. Yes you can still keep your native language and you’ll find the majority of the people there hate being militarily strong, hate personal gun ownership and cower in their homes when the roving bands of disaffected Muslim youth go on a rampage. You will also find people there love to be relieved of self reliance, responsibility, determination and are quite content on living a life of adult adolescence; to self absorbed to even procreate (they leave that to their immigrants). So go try it there first before you num nuts ram that weak pathetic crap down on the rest of us. But first you’ll need to wake up out of that institutionalized stupor you’ve been livin in.
The one hope those of us not drinking the liberal kool-aid have is our birth rate is above the replacement rate while liberals as a whole will bread out of existence in another 50 years. When you idiots finally start reading some history, demographics and grow up it will be too late. The ones that you hate so much will out number you 2 to 1.

11/02/2008 4:41 PM  
Anonymous Seph said...

Funny... here in Lompoc I received a pro-Strickland robocall from these folks just an hour or two ago. Similar content as the fliers- ethical, independent, blah blah blah. Also seemed to be trying to imply that the LA Times had endorsed him by cherrypicking a couple quotes when, of course, they've endorsed Jackson.

And yeah, man, those terrible Unions. Great benefits, job security, 30% more pay for the same job... it's such a drag.

11/02/2008 5:11 PM  
Anonymous wineguy said...

I don't know about you but Friday I received fourteen mailers in the Jackson/Strickland race. One day earlier in the week I received eleven. Seems to me they are wasting a lot of paper on this race -- one or two pages for each one would tell me all I needed to know...

11/02/2008 7:37 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Moreno said...

Of all the venal, dull-witted diatribes I've seen come from AN50, the one above is the worst.

Have you gone 'round the bend, dude? Why all the hate? Has the prospect of an Obama presidency driven you to incoherence?

This country tried GOP rule and look what it got us: endless wars, economic meltdown, the shame of Guantanamo (the American gulag), a shredded Constitution, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

So go on, rant all you want about Europe and liberals. But I'm thinking your problems run a little deeper. Get some help for your hate.

11/03/2008 8:05 AM  

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