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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cushman Reportedly Will Step into the Ring

The Daily Sound is reporting that Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce President Steve Cushman has asked his board for permission to run for Mayor, and received it. Rumor has it that former Council Member Dan Secord may enter the race too -- which will be even more bad news for mayoral candidate and Council Member Iya Falcone who (as Josh Molina points out) has staked out the middle ground in recent years. Advantage goes to Council Member Helene Schneider who would have the progressive wing of the electorate more to herself.

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Anonymous Not Play School for Adults said...

He is not the one we are waiting for. He is an ineffectual, but decent gas bag. No Steve, unless you realize this is a full-time job and you want it to be a full time job, stay away.

Your background in public administration is sorely lacking. You might be a champion of private enterprise, but that train left the station in government decades ago.

You won't even know what quagmires you will step into, let alone those to avoid. You will be reduced to bumbling and inconsequential in short order.

No Steve, this is a full time job for a much more astute individual. You are not The One. Stick with what you do best, and then find the Right One to take on this task because it does need Change. And Hope.

And we are all hoping for a huge change. We are ready. The votes are there and we do not want to waste them on a candidate who will not be able to run with this the first day.

2/25/2009 7:34 AM  
Blogger Greg Knowles said...

Good Luck Steve, he has been a true asset to this community and who knows maybe this would be a good next step for him and this community.

2/25/2009 8:19 AM  
Blogger Bill Carson said...

To "not play school for adults":

Right on! You couldn't be more accurate about Steve, and about what we need for this city.

Let's hope someone of substance steps forward so that we can finally clean up City Hall.

2/25/2009 8:25 AM  
Anonymous same as it ever was...... said...

Steve is the Fred Thompson of this race. A great hope until he actually becomes a candidate. When we are finding bodies in the street, no one wants to hear about your golf game. Stay on the other side of Anacapa Street.

2/25/2009 8:32 AM  
Anonymous Dan Seibert said...

I've seen him around town for 20 years but I respect him most for his artwork. I understand he's also a poet. Why not have an artist/poet/businessman as mayor?

You can see his work at

2/25/2009 3:03 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

(2004) Voting YES for Measure A will make service on the City Council an option for people of all economic means, and it will help ensure that our beloved city continues to be represented by the best and most qualified members of our community.

Dr. Dan again? To sum up the problem I have with Dr. Dan; lobbyist on behalf of housing for thin skinned airplanes, approving many upscale housing projects and then finally took a stand to disapprove of development... when it was low income units and proclaiming that we can't house everyone here in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Dan was a good project approver but not a good land use and transportation planner. Like most representatives, probably due to political expediency, Dr. Dan, was not responsive to my neighborhood complaints, resulting in irreversible damage. In all fairness having Secord on the Council dais again would be as refreshing, as a day recently when I tuned in the Planning Commission only to find Sheila Lodge on the dais. I don't mind some venerable participation but must we go back to the future?

Steve Cushman; Why would Cushman, this special interest Chamber President and Santa Barbara's most prominent "highest and best use" advocate, think that he is rounded enough to be Mayor. Still, I would be interested to hear more from Secord or Cushman about their ideas or "Vision" for everyone in this diverse community.

2/25/2009 7:10 PM  
Anonymous CRB said...

Uhh, Dan Siebert, you're joking, right? The artist at Sullivan Goss is not the would-be mayor Steve Cushman, head of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, who's an artist of a different sort entirely.

2/25/2009 8:29 PM  
Blogger local said...

I hear nothing but good things about Steve Chushman. From both business people (friends that own a local store on State St.) and people who serve with him on non-profit boards. Maybe he's the one?

2/25/2009 10:55 PM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues,
And you know it don't come easy.
You don't have to shout or leap about,
You can even play them easy.

Peace, remember peace is how we make it,
Here within your reach
If you're big enough to take it.

I don't ask for much, i only want your trust,
And you know it don't come easy.
And this love of mine keeps growing all the time,
And you know it don't come easy.

So I left for six months to traipse around the third world and various hot spots and look what happens...everything I tried to warn you about two YEARS ago has come to pass...housing, piggish public employees, the fraudulantly rich, the gangs, Fess and Firestone, Osbad and now I see the facists are still pushing the warrentless search for underage drinkers.

Does anyone in this freakin' town have any plan to set things right? Or are we just going to be stuck with the same old cronies rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

Ahh shucks, lets just build some more condos and hotels and forget about the rest.

Could someone please ask the selfless public employees what they've been doing to bring high paying jobs to the area? I'd really like to know exactly what they've done, who have they talked to? What was the response?

Remember last year when it took "hundreds" of L.E. personnel to take down 28 punk gang bangers. How much did that cost? Half of them were already in JAIL for christ's sake. Really, I'm serious, how much? Someone (Iya, Helene, Dan... Bueller) find out and let me know.

How's all those "affordable" housing plans going? Good thing we trashed up the landscape with that lousy idea. BTW what's affordable when you don't have a job? I bet you there's a bunch of Americans that will do those jobs that Americans won't

Anyone been to the Chumash Casino lately? I wonder how they're doing. That sure will be an eyesore if they go out of business like most of Vegas...

When are we finally going to throw the Nepotistic No-accounts to the curb? Navas, Stricklands, Capps, Bushes, Clintons, Kennedys...If that doesnt show you the games rigged, I don't know what will.

What's our piece of the stimulus pie? What are we going to do with it? Give to the cops and fire dudes I'm sure...cuz that's what gets people elected, right Iya?

2/25/2009 11:54 PM  
Anonymous Babs said...

Steve Cushman is indeed an air bag. He's the reason I never joined the chamber.

2/26/2009 10:23 AM  
Blogger local said...

Did you notice the Joe Armendariz "endorsement" of Iya:

"Because these local races are supposed to be nonpartisan, I treat them as such. Therefore, unless someone I respect more or have greater personal affection for enters the race; I will encourage people to support my friend Iya Falcone for Mayor."

And after she went out of her way to endorse him in his election. An act that didn't make my Democratic friends too happy.

This will be an interesting race.

2/26/2009 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Dan Seibert said...


actually, I was being serious. Seriously wrong, but it was an honest mistake. That being said,


He's not an artist, he's not a poet, but he didn't vote for a pay raise and another day off for the SEIU members, city of SB.

Dan Seibert

2/26/2009 3:36 PM  
Anonymous Eckermann said...

What a tempest in a teapot. Here we are in sleepy little Santa Barbara, one of the only places in the nation that has not felt the brunt the recession with our foreclosure rate at only 1 in 300 instead of 1 in 90 like it is in Canyon Country, and the election for mayor is being pumped up like we need some kind of super hero to swoop in and fix everything. Let's all take a deep breath and relax. Things are not so bad here. We need to pay attention to the gang issue among our hispanic youth. But I doubt that this is a problem that a bunch anglo folks are going to resolve. We just need to plug along with outreach programs and interventions (very boring social work and educational work) and try to save one kid at a time from the stupid gang culture. We have not shed as many jobs as other areas, in fact I believe we have recently gained health care jobs. UCSB, Vandenberg, and Cottage Hospital have helped us retain one of the lowest unemployement rates in the State (we are among the best 9 counties). Sure the County and Cities governments are going to get hit by lower property tax rates, but they will adust and come out the other end with most public service programs intact. The cost of home ownership has come down and when the credit markets come back, people will start buying bargains. Can we work together to make things better? Sure we can. Let's just not panic.

2/26/2009 4:39 PM  
Anonymous fact checker said...


Do you have a source for those comments by Joe Armendariz re Iya Falcone?

2/26/2009 6:51 PM  
Blogger Not a Fan said...

Thanks for the analysis Sara but this sounds like the same bogus argument that was made by "progressives" to justify bad behavior and demonization of some local democrats. It didn't work last time but unfortunately some fools can't help but go back to the same failed strategies because they don't know any better.

2/26/2009 9:24 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Hunh? Two moderates and one progressive = one progressive. That's the math.

It doesn't justify bad behavior as that isn't part of the this electoral equation. What bad behavior (sounds too personal) would change that? I'm not sure what your talking about as it sounds like opinion rather than simple common sense.

You may not like what the council has done but that doesn't mean that people who vote feel that way or that Steve Cushman or now any other moderate to conservative can get past that.

2/26/2009 10:08 PM  
Blogger local said...

Joe himself:

Feb 23, 2009

Face it people want a choice other than Iya and Helene. In Santa Barbara that might mean a real pro-business Democrat like Steve. Will steve pander to the unions? That's what I want to know.

2/27/2009 12:28 AM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

I like Falcone even though at times she comes off a bit loopy. At a recent hearing Falcone had a rather animated episode. She depicted a money grubbing State government stuffing Federal funds determined for local governments into their own State pockets! I guess there is some validity to Falcone's political pandering to the audience but I could do without the demagoguery. Some might even depict the City in the same manner.

Now there is this Armendariz endorsement. At first it was a minor negative for Falcone. But then I went to the link that >local< posted.

Armendariz's statement is also full of the same old demagoguery including "Iya is a Liberal but she isn't anti-business nor is she anti-America as so many Liberals seem to be these days." This anti- business smear tactic was used in the Miller/Graffy Supervisor race in the 90's. I hope this endorsement does not help Falcone because it is not accurate. Falcone needs to relay to voters how she relates to Armendariz's endorsement statement.

>local's< Steve endorsement with an anti-union slant is revealing. I didn't know Steve was a Democrat. Not that it matters. I have voted for at least one Republican for the council. But then he didn't like things Republicans said so he switch to Democrat. Regardless, Steve has a lot of air time as a lobbyist at the podium, on the Radio and TV. His name recognition alone makes him easily tenable. But other than the "highest and best use" tear down and rebuild philosophy, parking garages, and golf, I still feel like I don't know much about him.

Steve's non-profit experience could be a good attribute but from what I've been hearing non-profits line the Washington D.C. street known as "K" Street. Santa Barbara has several hundred non-profits and so certainly at least a few could be considered spurious. Most pro-business organizations operate as non-profits. Would this candidate want to rename State Street to K Street West? We do need for-profit business around too. I wouldn't mind hearing more about Steve's ideas on the campaign trail because with Steve being a non-profit involved Democrat we might to find out he leans socialists too.

As it stands at this very moment my pick for winner is the Pro Business and Pro America candidate..... Helene Schneider!

2/27/2009 9:42 AM  
Anonymous Oldie but Goodie said...

The next mayor and city council needs to read this following article from The Economist about Santa Barbara very carefully.

It is time for Santa Barbara to turn the clock back to its former General Plan when we were a city of "pensions and tourism". It was good enough then and we need to do more to keep it that way.

The present general plan Santa Barbara 2030 crammed down by the city staff turns this solid formula for Santa Barbara totally upside down and residents hate it.

The current city council (minus one - Francisco) shows they are not listening to the residents but armed with this article, I hope the new city council brings back common sense and protection for our historic strengths" pensions and tourism.

We do not want nor can afford to be a city for everyone with an open door to all who want to live here as long as someone else pays them for this privilege.

An article well worth reading and passing around:

2/27/2009 9:59 AM  
Anonymous passionate agnostic said...


I read the Armendarz endorsement and it wasn't an endorsement. It was one politician saying some flattering stuff about a friend.

2/27/2009 6:37 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noreiga said...

Greetings from the past.

Steve Cushman is a good guy but not always the best for follow through on projects. Great on baseball and golf. Doesn't always respond when the going gets tough. Too many irons in the fire.

Understands business and promotions. Good at networking.

He IS an artist and does interesting sculptural doodling. When he was Downtown Organization guy he had a real interest in promoting the gallery scene and the arts. He likes wine.

One big problem is his present-mindedness. Doesn't get the history dimension of Santa Barbara very well--just isn't in his blood. What he thinks is the highest and best use might be great for land and building owners but very bad for the character of Santa Barbara. I would give him a D- on preservation awareness, architecture, and most of what makes Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara and not San Diego. He is not great at nuance...

At meetings he can tell a good joke, nifty stories and he does provide zing if he's into it. City Council meetings would be less boring.

He has one good trait that I appreciate, he is intolerant of the harping class and assorted weirdos here in town.

He is definitely not politically correct...

He merits consideration. Let's see what he has to say.

2/28/2009 10:55 AM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

passionate agnostic>>> O.K. the endorsement you read was not an endorsement. I guess the flattering stuff or endorsing comments should be called a statement. Enough with the nit-picking.

Falcone got top billing on Armendariz's website
Falcone endorsed with overly flattering comments and without degrading Armendariz's political affiliates. Armendariz, on the other hand, has mad and outrageous rhetoric in his endorsing statement

Falcone cannot be held responsible for Armendariz's disparaging rhetoric. But, Falcone needs to explain why she has this association and why she thinks Armendariz, a Carpinteria Council Member was worthy of her endorsement, other than for unflattering political pandering. It isn't as if Armendariz hasn't been using this type of rhetoric since he arrived at the podium 10+ years ago.

2/28/2009 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Carp Girl said...

I doubt Joe A cares a lick what Don McNutty thinks of him or his so-called "mad rhetoric".

Joe has the obviously strong support of the people he needs support from; Carpinteria's voters!

I truly doubt Joe lays awake at night worrying about what people like you write about him on a political blog. Most of the people who throw rocks at Joe A from a safe distance lack the guts to say that stuff to his face and VERY few, if any, involved in county politics have the knowledge of the issues or the debating skills to challenge Joe on a stage.

I saw Joe debate Das Williams a few years ago and Joe destroyed him. So instead Joe's foes just take cheap shots at him on the blogs and news sites instead.

By the way, the site you are referencing Joe's pro Falcone statement is posted to his blog "POLITCS", not his official web site.

Here's a news flash: Blogs are intended for provocative opinion and conversation.

So please spare us the phony outrage and try doing something significant with your life rather than biting the ankles of people who have probably never even heard of you and couldn't care less what you have to say.

2/28/2009 1:06 PM  
Blogger LC [Left Coast] said...

Since when are kind (or not so kind) words from Mr. Armendariz a good thing? I cringe when I hear him making public comment on Government Access channels. Even if Mr. Chushman doesn’t run –It certainly shows that the pro-business types on Mr. Chushman’s board don’t fully trust Ms. Falcone. And there’s not surprise there. I think she’s a shape shifter. I’ve lived in this town long enough to remember when she served on the board of the ACLU now she’s pall-ing around with Mr. Francisco! I don’t trust her one bit.

2/28/2009 1:26 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Carp Girl -- please refrain from the name calling! It's been an issue this week ever since the Mayor's race started in earnest. I don't want to delete posts that are otherwise fair -- we need to keep name calling off the table, though.

2/28/2009 1:42 PM  
Anonymous No repeat of 2005 please said...

LC--clearly you are one of the attack dogs unleashed by one of Iya's opponents---I won't purport to name which one. Just know that your candidate hopefully will spend more time promoting her/his positives rather than creating straw-dog negatives----it did not work in the 2005 campaigns these same attack dogs worked won't work this year.

2/28/2009 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Carp Girl said...

sorry sara but as a friend and supporter of Joe A I get sick and tired of how the people who post to these kind of sites are always so mean, nasty and rude to him. These wannabe politicians don't have the huts to put their name on the ballot and they know they can't debate him on the issues because he's too good and so they attack him.

2/28/2009 2:28 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

No problem -- I rarely agree with him but have a respect for him in that he's very open to debate and conversation about the issues in an intelligent way.

2/28/2009 4:58 PM  
Anonymous Carp Girl said...

local politicians a like:

joe armendariz
gregg carty
iya falcone
joe centeno
salud carbajal

local politicians i don't like:

kathleen reddington
al clark
das williams
grant house
ed easton
janet wolf
pedro nava

politicians I have no opinion on:

gregg carty
brad stein
helene schneider
roger horton
michael bennett
roger aceves
margaret connell
tony strickland

politicians who I don't understand
where they're coming from:

lois capps
marty blum
doreen farr
joni gray
eric onnen

2/28/2009 5:33 PM  
Anonymous Not exactly the Mayors race but said...

I wish we had district elections here it would be better representation and provide more accountability. It would also strengthen the process and make it less expensive and perhaps better represent the population demographics.

2/28/2009 6:01 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Carp Girl, I am glad you like your councilman. Thank you for defending Armendariz just as I am trying to do with my council and city that I live in. The thing about your councilman though is that he is very involved outside of Carpinteria. As you mentioned Armendariz has an official website and a Blog. But really there is no difference to me except apparently Armendariz expresses a different persoanlity that perhaps Carpinteria voters don't even know about.

Really though my previous post was more about Falcone and the endrosements especially in light of Armendariz's mad and outrageous rhetoric in his endorsing statement

Perhaps insiders like Falcone can find Armendariz likeable but in my humble opinion Falcone needs to explain her endorsement of Armendariz and perhaps even apologize to her constituents given Armendariz's current public deamnor.

Nite nite.

3/01/2009 12:41 AM  
Anonymous Carp Girl said...

Don, you should teach a course in hyperbole.

There is nothing mad or outrageous in Joe A's comments re Iya. And it isn't an endorsement, it is an opinion. Learn the difference.


3/01/2009 9:12 AM  
Blogger Bill Carson said...

Referring to Don McDermott's comment about defending the SB city council: I'm not sure how anyone can defend the Santa Barbara city council. As a collective body, they have been destroying Santa Barbara for the past couple decades....little by little. Bit by bit. A death of a thousand cuts.

Santa Barbara is NOT better off today than it was in 1989. Financially we are worse off. Taxes are higher. Fees are higher. The bloated city workforce is larger. Traffic is worse. Parking is more scarce. Crime is worse. Gangs are more prolific. Land development is out of control. Everywhere you look, smaller buildings with small-town character are being replaced with cookie-cutter monstrosities that lack set-backs, adequate parking, or character.

This city is not getting better with age. It is getting worse.

It's impossible to say that Helene or Iya or Grant or Marty have been doing a good job as stewards of this city.

Who gives a hoot if Joe endorses Iya, or if Dale supports Prop. 8! While we argue these unimportant issues, the council is busy wrecking our city!!! We need to vote them ALL out and elect some leaders who will make decisions that end up making this place BETTER tomorrow than it is today.

3/01/2009 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Eckermann said...

There is no need to vilify Joe A. He is a nice guy, albeit a little grouchy. Like all of us, he has his flaws. In my view, his biggest flaw is that he bases his conservative political ideology on outmoded economic theories that he picked up in college. He is very smart but he just has not kept up. So sometimes his public policy positions are informed by economic policy theory the implementation of which would not benefit his constituents. That is sad because he is a smart and caring person and his talents could really be put to good use to improve the standard of living in his community. Iya and he probably like each other because they are both very likable.

3/01/2009 4:30 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Carp Girl; I must admit I am not a highly learn(ed) person and perhpas it shows. I find it somehwat interesting that you are dismissive of my point of view while you post your own 4 catagories of opinions of local politicians.

3/01/2009 7:23 PM  
Anonymous city watcher said...

So, Carp Girl: I am curious why political newcomer Ed Easton is in the list of politicians you don't like:

local politicians i don't like:

kathleen reddington
al clark
das williams
grant house
ed easton
janet wolf
pedro nava

3/01/2009 8:27 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Bill Carson; I understand you are in a panic. You and perhaps a majority of locals agree with you. I do think you are wrong about this cause and I do think you are scapegoating the wrong people.

The terrible maladies you mention follow conservative federal governments that the American people have left in power and unchecked for far too long. We are now hopefully coming out of an extremely horrific time of attack, war, detrimental education, environmental and economic policy, as well as discriminating social policies.

Yes Bill, I think this scapegoating of local city hall is mispalced. Here's why Bill; All the maladies that you are complaining about are occuring across the State and across the Country. Look outside of your 1989 Santa Barbara bubble and you will find your complaints are echo'd across the nation. That Bill indicates a systemic Federal problem rather than a local problem.

As for your concerns about local developement I am in disagreement with your assesment. I walk and bike and drive and I do not have the same conclusion that you have. I know liberals and conservatives alike hold your opinion and I just disagree. Often humans tend to think that the world should revolve around our individual need no matter the consequence. Bill, I think that perhaps you have the "entitlement" bug that I am sure is also on your backburner of complaints about others.

Bill, The developments that cause you so much pain are actually very interesting to me. I appreciate this city's detail to design and the artistic detail in the new developemnts. I think the city could be more carefull with the mixing of uses but the mixed-use principal is o.k. with me. This city's efforts to add walking, biking and transit amenities is really probably the best when compared to other communities. I guess I always know where to park and yes sometimes it even costs something whether it's public or private parking. But sometimes parking is still free.

Bill, communities vary on their attention to administration, parks, recreation, water quality, creek restoration, the arts, and all the positve things this city does. Sometimes the thing that keeps any city from excelling are as you say it's leaders but sometimes couldn't the cause be it's citizens?

To answer your question about why anyone "gives a hoot" about questionble endorsements, elected officials making derogatory comments and supporting discriminating policies; I want a council that has integrity and will be fair to all it's people.

3/01/2009 9:18 PM  
Anonymous Lot of anger in the burbs said...

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. A growing and large number of voters have not felt this sitting council has either integrity or fairness to all its people.

They have constantly sold out to the noisy few who come to bully and verbally abuse anyone who opposes them so few dare to speak up against them.

This council seems far more concerned about housing 30,000 commuters, than protecting the lives of the 85,000 plus who already live here and are finding life harder and harder directly because of the councils misplaced priorities.

They (absent only Dale Francisco) are in the pockets of the developers and the unions. This is not integrity; it is special interest pandering.

3/01/2009 11:24 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Eckermann; You say, "There is no need to vilify Joe A."
If you mean underestimate Armendariz, I cerntainly do not. But who is the abuser here?

Armendariz's statement plays to his base who possibly enjoy the abusive statements. This statement also could be off the radar of many of his constituents who only know him as you say "a nice guy" and may not know this other mad side.

Eckermann please re-read Armendariz's post.
Eckermann I am glad you like Armendariz but with statements like this there is no need for your apologist statement on behalf of Armendariz. If he doesn't want to repond himself he can have a surrogate handle it for him.

Eckermann I appreciate your observations but I see no need for your censorship of anything that SDLG has allowed to be posted on this properly regulated blog.

3/02/2009 8:17 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Moreno said...

Burbs anger, I have to say you sound an awful lot like Travis Armstrong. Not that you are, heaven forfend. Rather, you employ the same old straw men, generalities and hyperbole he uses to demonize anyone would disagree with him/Wendy.

Unhappy? Cool. Get specific. Cite examples. Don't just blame pandering to "developers and the unions."

3/02/2009 12:03 PM  
Blogger LC [Left Coast] said...

Dear "No repeat of 2005",

I don't see how have an opinion about local politics means I was "unleashed by one of Iya's opponents." I care deeply about my community. Even though I have never been involved in City Council elections before I have decided to be more involved this year. Like I worked for Obama I will work for the Mayor and Council candidates of my choice –and Ms. Falcone is not one of them!

3/02/2009 12:19 PM  
Anonymous Move em, don't shake em said...

Don you are suggesting Carpinteria voters don't know Joe Armendarez is a conservative? Joe has one of the highest profiles and name ID of any local elected official in Santa Barbara county, according to some polling data I saw in the last election. Joe's political views aren't a secret especially to Carpinteria voters where he has been a tireless warrior for his positions since 1994. Clue in pal!

3/02/2009 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Eckermann said...

Don, I apologize if my post appeared to be an attempt to censor you. I can actually see how you could see it that way, but it was not my intent. A lot of what gets posted on this and other blogs seems to get very personal, focusing on personality traits rather than ideologies and public policies, which is seldom necessary in a debate of ideas and policies. I believe Joe A.'s ideas alone are a big enough target. Imputing motive is always a sketchy exercise and, at least in the case of Joe, not necessary to attack his ideas. That's all I meant. If bloggers want to insinuate moral weakness in those with whom they disagree, that's ok with me. I would prefer more decorum, but that's just me.

3/03/2009 1:50 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Move em, don't shake em; You and Tony the Tiger (above must have gotten your names from the same mother.)

What I am suggesting is that the Armendariz blog post found here >>><<< suggests another persona that Carpinteria voters may not be aware of. How many Carpinteria voters does Armendariz consider "nutroots" and "anti-business" and even "anti-america."

Armendariz's has injected a very derogatory statement about people he does not agree with. I care about Carpinteria's politics because the region needs good representation for all it's citizens. Perhaps the good citizens of Carpinteria are satisfied with Armendariz and as I have stated before they may not be aware of this multi-faceted Armendariz, some of it very negative.

3/03/2009 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Carp Girl said...

Don, here is a news flash for you; many left wingers are in fact anti business and anti America. Ever heard of MEChA? Ever heard of Code Pink?

This is a fact, not a matter of opinion. Clue in pal. If you didn't know this, it's your fault, not Joe A's. It isn't his job to fill in the gaps of your education


3/03/2009 10:14 PM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

Eckermann; No apology necessary. It's difficult to detect tone. No offense taken here. I appreciate your comments and point of view.

Carp Girl; Thanks for the news flash. I feel clued in now for sure about where you're coming from. I always thought that people who secluded themselves in tiny low-to-no growth coastal communities and depended on bigger nearby larger cities were the true anti-business and anti America crowd.

3/03/2009 11:42 PM  
Anonymous Platinum Coaster said...

While we may depend on tourists, we do not depend on large near-by cities for our survival as coastal cities. That is a matter of choice by those living in those larger nearby cities to live there and work here.

If they do not come to work here, the jobs would go away and we would not miss them. They exceed the tipping point of growth being more expensive than no-growth.

3/04/2009 11:47 AM  
Blogger local said...

Iya and Helene are basically the same. They both voted for the light blue line, various roundabouts and pander to unions. That's why pro-business types like Steve and his board don't trust either of them.

Santa Barbara is ready for a change. I like the idea of Steve but his “biggest and best use” development mindset is what’s best for Santa Barbara. It’s not pro-business to destroy the unique character of Santa Barbara that keeps the residents and tourists alike.

3/04/2009 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Time to be a sleepy little town again said...

Noitced being downtown today that only the tourists and old people are on the streets and in the shops, besides all the vagrants who are parked downtown taking it over.

Be nice to both tourists and old people with independent incomes. This is who butters your bread and the tourists hate seeing all the vagrants and the old people hate seeing all their rights taken away and given to the homeless who demand the same benefits they spent a lifetime earning.

This is your problem, Santa Barbara. Neither Iya or Helene see this. They are just more of the same. And the same has not worked in years.

Steve, what are you going to do to save this town for the tourists and the geezers who are still paying the bills?

3/06/2009 5:20 PM  

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