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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Facebook Profiles of Candidates: Justin Michael

My mother told me never to trust anyone with two first names or wears a fedora in front of Stearns Wharf to announce their candidacy. Here's mayoral candidate Justin Michael née Slatkin's -- Facebook info. Thanks to a loyal reader for sending it in with the simple admonition to "discuss". Faces are blurred by me to protect the innocent -- although the picture and info is rather public to anyone using Facebook. What's the "JHef" and Visionary! thing about? This is how he chooses to present himself to voters. More on other candidates on Facebook during the course of the campaign.

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Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

It should be harder to run for office than this. A few more hoops please!

4/02/2009 12:52 AM  
Blogger Don McDermott said...

I've had this flurry of attempts lately to drag me into this Facebook internets thing. One thing I don't like is having to be "confim(ed)." For instance "David will have to confirm that you are friend" is as much a put off as a fedora anywhere in Californian. Launching a campagin from a bar or nightclub is a big turn off for this conservative voter. Maybe bloggers (SDLG) could post interesting screen shots of other Facebook candidates.

4/02/2009 6:36 AM  
Anonymous CRB said...

Lengthy and interesting article on Facebook in last Sunday's NYT - link

Very clearly you're nowhere if you're not there.

4/02/2009 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Ewoldson said...

Just say no to Hoops! Anyone should be able to run for anything regardless of age, class, lifestyle, or any other perceived notion...don't like the person? Don't vote for him or her. What, would you like it better is Justin Micheal pretended to be something that he's not? Put on a grey suit and started going to PTA meetings? Personally, I'll take the truth about someone over the politicized version any campaign. And again, the last thing we need is more barriers to true democracy.

4/02/2009 9:40 AM  
Anonymous Community Disorganizer said...

Bob Hansen and Thinker Bill Hackett have already proven it takes nothing but filing a petition to run for any city council office.

And Obama proved all you need is a good telepromtper and a marketing campaign that includes strategic threats of violence.

(Eg: Riots at the DNC if Obama does not get the nomination; thugging state caucuses with planted delegates who hijacked the process and agenda; threats the "streets would run with blood" if Obama were not elected; and ACORN thugging the registration process and scaring people their vote was going to be taken away from them.)

How soon everyone wants to forget Obama's long history of thugging his way to power starting with his very first office getting the entire list of opponents kicked off, including his own political mentor who opened doors for him in the first place.

JMike is hardly the first or only candidate that lowered the standards for office.

4/02/2009 11:30 AM  
Anonymous Roger (Edited) said...

The chick in that picture looks like YABBA DABBA. That would not be surprising if so, as those two are made for each other.

Today Jay Mikey Mike and Funky Bunch (or whatever his latest moniker is) has toned down his facebook page and took out the "JBama" and the "JHef" names that were there before.

4/02/2009 3:05 PM  
Anonymous Gina (Jie-nuh) said...

Not so sure Jay Mikey Mike and Funky Bunch needs to go to any PTA meetings, but attending and even knowing what is going on during a City Council or Planning Commission would be nice a few times.

We all need to put our big initials on the side of our glam photos.

Why have not all his followers entered comments yet here like they saturated Daily Sound a couple of weeks ago?

4/02/2009 5:11 PM  
Blogger local said...

This is all getting old. Time for the grownups.

4/02/2009 11:18 PM  
Anonymous American Idle said...

Mocking JMike! in the various local blogs has given him more publicity than he ever could have earned on his own. Since so many in Santa Barbara love sticking it to the establishment, you may have turned him into Santa Barbara's Jesse Ventura.

4/04/2009 9:58 AM  
Anonymous AN50 ( aka ETTAG) said...

JMike thinks he's Hugh Hefner.

Playboy for Mayor

4/09/2009 1:01 PM  

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