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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Enviro Representative Subterfuge

I would give you a link to this News-Press editorial from 3/4/05 -- but they won't let you see it without a subscription. Please see Cannon's post below. I've typed out a few of their most heinous quotes for discussion:

The representative signs off on bills written by other members. The more bills he or she "co-sponsors" -- that is, let the real author use your name -- the better the odds.

The News-Repress calls this the 'Lotto' approach - I call it democracy. There's nothing wrong with co-sponsoring legislation that you believe in -- it's the way those of us that vote can see where a representative's intention lie.

When a member of Congress labels herself the "environmental Representative," the official better expect scrutiny of whether past actions justify the title.

Mrs. Capps wrote that she's "stood up to protect endangered forests, wetlands, rivers, and coasts."

What she's actually referencing, according to her office, are about 30 bills she put her name on as a co-sponsor.

What about these bills she has sponsored that are listed on the Congressional Website -- (They actually let you in without a subscription).

You'll find sponsorships on a variety of environmental legislation -- some passed, some didn't. That's how Congress works. You don't have to pass a bill to show you are environmentalist -- you do have to vote consistently, and she does. Notice that Travis FactsWrong doesn't mention this in his editorial.

The self-proclaimed title of "environmental Representative" suggests a standard that Mrs. Capps must live up to during the remainder of her time in office. To that end, Mrs. Capps says she's introduced bills to halt new drilling in Los Padres National Forest and quicken the replacement of single-hull oil tankers. Will these become law in light of her history?

"She says she's introduced"? -- Mr. FactsWrong, she has! It's in the Congressional Record! A little bit of web research would do you some your homework! As for her history -- right now she's co-chair of the coastal caucus, on the Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality of the Energy and Commerce Committee and need we remind the News-Repress that she is highly rated by the League of Conservation Voters, been endorsed by the Sierra Club in each of her elections and shows up at every way she can to save open space and protect the environment here locally? Interview someone at the Environmental Defense Center or Surfrider and tell us what they say.

Mrs. Capps also is failing the Channel Islands. She's ignored calls for an independent investigation of the mismanagement by the National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy.

A program to return bald eagles has resulted in eagles drowning as they tried to escape the island. The 2004 listing of the island fox as an endangered species means that the captive-breeding program needs examination. Pups produced in it can't survive in the wild at acceptable rates.

She stood by as the Park Service approved the mass poisoning of the Anacapa islets, which not only killed black rats but species from native deer mice to migratory birds.

Is this the record of the "environmental Representative"?

Mr. FactsWrong should be more clear in his intentions. Being a PETA "don't drink milk, drink beer" supporter and being an environmentalist are two different things. You can't bash her on her perfectly strong enviornmental record based on pig, rat and bird rights! At least be straight about your intent -- this writer thinks animals should be treated well but the editors of the News-Opress should stick to animals or the environment as a whole as their issue and not use Rep. Capps' excellent environmental record as a subterfuge for animal rights.


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