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Thursday, September 29, 2005

SEIU's Union of Secrecy???

I can't imagine why her man at De la Guerra, Travis Armstrong, is insisting that candidates share their responses to the SEIU candidate questionnaire. Since when is this public information? Why doesn't he just give them a chance to publish their views in his paper -- send out a reporter! Ask the tough questions! Print them in full!

While he's asking -- let's get Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Police Officer's Association and Pueblo to share their answers to....for that matter, let's read any memos between him and Wendy McCaw about their plans for 1290 AM. Hey -- like SEIU, the News-Press is a private organization with members as employees so it's fair game...

Good for Marty, Grant and Dianne for not caving for Roger...I'm a little dissapointed but I think it fits in with his campaign strategy. It's not a disclosure issue because a union is not a public organization, it is not a government organization either. You can't Public Information Act your way out of this one!


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