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Friday, September 02, 2005

Vague and Mysterious Lunches at the PC

Today's editorial questioned why City of Santa Barbara Planning Commission lunches and site visits aren't televised. Due to News-Press policy, I can't give you the link -- but here's a bit of what was written.

The city of Santa Barbara's Planning Commission for years hasn't televised its lunch meetings, known for their vague wording of agendas and commissioners veering into questionable topics. The commission also has met in city vans while touring project sites, while keeping the public out.

Do we really want to watch planning commissioners talk with their mouth full? What Travis forgot to tell us is that there is always a City Attorney present both at these lunches and in the van when the commission is going to site visits. The City Attorney's job is to make sure conversation doesn't turn to a subject which would violate the Brown Act. I also have to question his point about vague agendas and questionable topics. If they are being so secretive, how would he know what they talk about? As usual, Travis would rather make an accusation than give us an example.

He also forgot to tell you that several months ago he dropped by the site visit van unannounced and demanded to be seated. From what I hear, he was graciously accepted and had a good time doing what the commissioners usually do in the van -- talk about current events, the latest editorials and the weather. Any member of the public can come to these lunches or sit in the van -- why didn't he point that out?


Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Thanks for the advice Valerio -- perhaps you are right -- especially if decisions are being made.

Still, I'd like to hear the WHOLE story told -- leaving out the fact that a City Attorney is present at these lunches and van rides is a convenient omission, no?

9/02/2005 1:56 PM  

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