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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who will run?

One of the stories these days not making the papers is the fact that no one is maneuvering to run against Supervisor Centeno in the North County.

While so many of us here at BB kvetch about what Das, The Guzz and Wolfe are doing (rumour has it -- Keith Zandona from the Surfrider Foundation is now running too)-- this important North County seat looks as if it will go unchallenged.

That's just wrong on so many different levels...

BTW -- here's a link to a Citizens Planning Foundation web-based candidates forum with lots of info on the 2nd District candidates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yvette Andrade, from Lois Capps office, has declared her candidacy for the seat. Although this would be her first run for public office, she is well acquainted with the entire process.

I do not know what her stands are on the hot button issues but she bears watching.


2/14/2006 7:51 AM  

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