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Monday, March 20, 2006

New Web Site Designs

Local news media have quietly been following KSBY and the News-Press' lead and redesigning their web sites. KEYT now offers video of key news stories -- it's just too bad that the file format is only Windows Media...long overdue, The Santa Barbara Independent did a real good job at their redesign and is even allowing some comments on articles.

The following story by Nick Welsh escaped other media sources last week. It seems Gallegly's opponent in the Republican primary is denying authorship of a press release under his name that refers to "neo-Nazi feminists". Tenenbaum sounds like a real piece of work.


Anonymous Valerio said...

Congradulations on inspiration by something besides the Newspress editorials. The KEYT video archives are fantastic, regardless of video file format. We all shall see how long they remain there and can be searched. KSBY has had that feature for a few years, but their archives evaporate.

The Indy ( web site is evolving for more ads so they can pay to update it, but their format has deleted photos, which were in the prior generation and worked quite well. Worse, they have eliminated all their once-good archives prior to the beginning of calendar year 2006. Their prior web site included archives back a few years with the former format.

Google searches also found even older material from that did not come up at their web site searching. The Google search still finds hits, but now to dead links for "file not found".

The archives, ironically, have gotten better, and no longer cost a fee for an article of largely unknown contents. But they still miss many articles that actually were published.

3/20/2006 10:53 AM  

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