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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gay Activists and Leftist Reporters at Fault!

Here we go. The restoration of Dr. Laura has begun. A recent blog entry over at Citizen Journalism Today says gay activists put up the images on Deryk Schlessinger's MySpace page and somehow ties Jerry Roberts to the issue via a reporter at the Salt Lake City Tribune and a News-Press staff report? How much was this blogger paid? These kind of posts give bloggers a bad name. Not because I don't agree with them but because they didn't do their homework.

Interestingly enough -- the above blogger's reference to a "front page story" was likely one of the free commentaries one our citizen stringers calls Wendy's Greatest Hits. Although the page describes itself as providing "recent" commentaries" -- it's hard not to notice that only the ones with damage control written all over them make the list. If you are looking for the cabalistic conspiracy (is that a Colbert-ism?) -- you will find it there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Laura makes her triumphant return to the News-Press today, railing about abortion, liberals, blah blah blah.

6/03/2007 8:02 AM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega said...

Still haven't seen the "real" thing of Deryk's. Wow. All this contorted heat in 'who done it' with no dead bodies. I think Tom Stoppard will be able to write a good play with this material: call it, "The Alchemist in Arcady."

6/03/2007 8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schlessinger is back in today's news-press, but with nothing local. (just scanned it, though, since it looked boring)

There aren't any local reporter bylines in the news section, just the associate editor writing a few lite stories. No mention of the new NLRB prosecution.

The reporting staff and the ethics of reporting the NLRB have both been blown to smithereens.

Just glancing, Armstrong's bit seems to be the same old whine.

The Baron may not be bored with his woman, but we're bored with his paper. As news coverage plunges to the level that McCaw can control herself, readers will continue to flee.

6/03/2007 8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The weakness of the blogosphere is that there are both shills and idiots by the thousands out there running blogs. Congrats, Sara... you (and Craig Smith and EdHat) at least make a real effort to write factual and coherent entries about things you know something about.

Take this Citizen Journalism Today spot. The author doesn't even bother to use spell-check, nevermind fact checks. The entry uses phrases such as "pay freez" and "Robert's is..."! Great journalism.

6/03/2007 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must see the alleged website. There are dead bodies to find. The rape, torture and threats are chilling. The recent JFK incident, no dead bodies, would Don Jose send them to work and downplay their little boys will be boys games?

Citizen Journalist, Mick is a Michael Savage admirer. Aren't the AM radio rating stars known for their cabalism? In an instant they all have the same story. Wendy is showing her true colors more each day. Laura Schlesinger came out long ago. What is she thinking to repeat her old hate? Impulsive doesnt look good, she suddenly gets a writing whim after stepping back. Wendy enables her. Everyone knows Bill O'Reilly would be all over this and LaPlante if there was a hint of evidence a gay activist or leftist did anything. There is a reason LaPlante calls them "Laura's Army". They all act more and more like an out of control spin machine.

6/03/2007 10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citizen Journalist Mick Gregory
has a bright future ahead as a professional spam writer in Nigeria, where they're big on fiction and not at all particular about form.

6/03/2007 11:43 AM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

"The weakness of the blogosphere is that there are both shills and idiots by the thousands out there running blogs."

Sadly, one might observe the same in the many forms of governmental agencies throughout our fair country.

"Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a sharply diminished role in the way America now makes important decisions?" The persistent and sustained reliance on falsehoods as the basis of policy, even in the face of massive and well-understood evidence to the contrary, seems to many Americans to have reached levels that were previously unimaginable."

-Al Gore

sa1 says:
10 to 1 Vegas odds in '08:


6/03/2007 12:22 PM  
Anonymous Viktor said...

The Ph.dist needs to clean her own house before she continues the rants on others ethics. People read her to see what phantasmagoric she dictates. How many care for her irrelevancy? They always spread their rubbish. Stay alert.

6/03/2007 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega said...

I kinda left the room when Mike Gregory wrote "Swank" SBNP. I knew he couldn't know much then. So why again, are we posting Mike Gregory and the rest of this illuminating horde? Oh! I see by the labels
it's a replay of Deryk Schlessinger and Dr. Laura music.

Why let yourself get angry? Just ignore them.

6/03/2007 2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Dr. Laura! Thanks, Deryk, for keeping us free and safe!!!

6/03/2007 9:05 PM  
Anonymous donaldo de Santa Barbara said...


Same old tactic....Took a couple weeks though. The "swank' Karl Rove, on the rebound, or perhaps his wannabe proteges, are starting the spin on this. The manipulative side of the republican party is still in control....I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet.

6/03/2007 10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega write the words .. of Deryk's .. for any of this. The Army confirmed the photo was from the webpage of question. It was another Dr. Laura supporter that let the I.D. be known. These are Dr. Laura friends?

Neither of his parents are saying he would not do that sort of webpage. Where are the friends who know him? Do they say, it's not like Deryk? I've never heard a word about Dr. Laura's son aspiring to be like Academy Award-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino or Sir Tom Stoppard until Don Jose de la Guerra's Johnny-come-lately grand leaps of logic. Dr. Laura has been consistent with her warriors behavioral therapy. A sudden change is suspect. Are you sure this isn't about throwing whatever out there to see if it sticks?

If you're here, you like to hear your own replay or you get it's not only Deryk Schlessinger and Dr. Laura. You aren't the only one researching a screenplay.... Like Mother, Like Son, the grade X musical!

6/03/2007 10:44 PM  
Blogger John Quimby said...

What if Dr Laura or a blogger isn't the issue at all? What if the disturbing features of her son's alleged postings are an indication of a state of mind belonging to many of the young men this country has enlisted as it's "warriors".

We have sent our young people to fight an enemy they can't see in a place each step...the next sound they hear could be the explosion that tears flesh into bits.

What if - as we blithely consume and conduct our daily business - the war is creating thousands of boys like hers? Who will these boys be when they come home?

Early indications are that many of our soldiers are emotionally disturbed by the experience. They face tactics designed to terrorize them. War messes people up.

So how will we deal with our soldiers when they are discharged? Will it be easier just to ignore what we can't understand? Will we blame Dr. Laura?

We were told this was a war we could all take in our stride.
For those of us with soldiers in the fight, maybe even for Dr. Laura, it isn't going to be that neat.

6/03/2007 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega said...

anon. 10:44

My my. I take it you don't like Dr. Laura or her son. I find her non-political so I hope you take that into account in your new screenplay. Dyrek might be warped by his difficult service to his country. It happens. Who knows? I guess we will find out in due course.

Where's your sympathy for a perhaps psychologically wounded vet?

All these other postings of spin on who might have made the Myspace page if it wasn't Derek, strike me as unlikely. Meanwhile, hold your horses, partner!

6/04/2007 6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone let Craig Smith know Army Spc Deryk Schessinger is NOT A TEEN. He's been out of the nest for years, he's 21 years of age. I would feel the same about my friends, I can understand why Wendy MC Caw would not want to report on Travis and Rob. I don't think that's what good journalism is, however. You have more liberty to protect others on your blog. Can you name all the suspects who get privilege because they are someones adult child?

Spc. Schessinger needs a psychiatric profile. He represents the Army and he is a suspect. The photo alone is frightening when you see the look in his eyes(others see it as Army fun). Is it only suicidal gamesmanship? Both of the young men appear to want attention, not privacy. It would be private if not for the violence extended towards others. What protections do the Afghans have? Someone has written a My Space to say there is no respect for gun safety, they are numb and don't care about any life. It is the parts about taking others with them that is terror. Only a suspect of privilege would be investigated, others would have been arrested for less.

Spc. Schessinger has a background. This is not the only violent incident he is suspect. If he's innocent, the Army or others need to be certain all is cleared. Those who are the victims of threats need to be considered.

Spc. Schessinger is not new to the internet. Those who have been in commnication will have knowledge of his on-line characters.

It is a dark day for Afghans, children and the victims of these threats when one of our best blogs doesn't have the facts right. Intelligent people are blindsided by celebrity. I can understand the this-is-somebodies-child sympathy. Do you need dead bodies before you care to look at a suspect?

At what point do the threatened matter? Rape isn't always visible, especially when it's a child. We all hope this is made up and all fantasy. We may never fully know. The Army has the means to profile violent psychopaths. The Army is stretched. In this high profile case everyone needs to forget the privileged status and convince the Afghans and U.S. citizens we are safe. Do you wonder why America has lost respect around the world?

6/04/2007 11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious...isn't anyone else wondering why if Jerry Roberts was so willing to help out with the transition for 30 days when he put in his resignation at the NP and then surprised when he had to take the "perp walk"... why the massive deletions on his computer??? Why did he delete everything?

6/04/2007 11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:24am ... I'm not up on all the facts. I'd like to read where Roberts said he deleted everything and why. Or where it is reported. Tensions rise over job issues. He could have done that for many reasons. How do you determine which reason? Or was it accidental, a mistake? Can they determine a time of deletes? Did someone else have a reason to delete? These are problems that come up with computers. The police didn't think they had a case, I think it's still with the FBI. How long will that be?

6/04/2007 2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well anon 11:24, always good to ask such things, and here's some points in response from someone with solid knowledge.

*On what authority do we have it that he "deleted everything"? Newspress management? I'd submit that's a extremely shaky source, given many, many verifiable instances of "extreme embellishments."

*As for files that may have been deleted, the computer system at the News-Press is quite antiquated (as computer systems go) as any newsroom employee can tell you, and deleting unneeded files is always a good idea.

* For the News-Press to claim they needed to forensically search his computer for the *only* records on how to locate freelancers, as Mrs. McCaw claims, is patently absurd. Jerry rarely dealt directly with freelancers. The news editors did. Jerry was the executive editor. Trust me, several people have phone numbers of freelancers, the better to ask questions that come up on stories they turn in. This shows how out of touch co-publisher McCaw is with how newspapers work.

*I don't think anyone keeps anything confidential or related to personnel on their computers, because, as has been pointed out, the system is not secure. I could've taken a look at what Jerry kept on his computer.
He may not have kept much more than drafts of columns and a few memos.

*And certainly there's no mystery why whoever put the child porn on the computer deleted it. Whoever. It. Was.

6/04/2007 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is where credibility and reputation is vital. As well, your associates and friends reflect on ones good old fashioned horse sense, whether it's have or have not. McCaw can't grasp that most of the community has lost trust due to her own actions. Above all she needs solid facts now. As time goes on McCaw is making this The McCaw Child Porn Scandal. One of the problems I have with her scandal is the fact the News-Press computers were not secured. If that was under my control I'd be getting heck for negligence or something much worse. Did I miss something, did she take responsibility for her part?

If the FBI can't find evidence, this will be one more unsolved crime. You don't have to be the culprit to have responsibiity, like when you leave your car with keys and unlocked outside a bar and someone takes it. They may escape after they harm others. Your irresponsible behavior should not be guilt free. If I worked for bosses and became a child porn suspect because of their negligence I'd feel devastated with no recourse for the harm they caused. We all want the BAD guy caught, it doesn't always go that way.

How is it the co-publishers are not investigated? Why were they this lax? I once worked for a large corp. The person in charge of payroll was a brainless diaster. Turns out when the Fed's came they couldn't piece together where the money went. I'm sure that happens alot in finance. No one is convicted for theft. It comes down to fines.

Who has the most motive? If not for the child porn crimes that may not be prosecuted, but the suspect behaviors coming with worsening of the incident? It's beginning to remind me more and more of vigilante justice. At what point is that prosecutable?

The direct answers are appreciated.

6/04/2007 6:32 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega said...

Anonymous 11:23 needs help. Unbelievable stuff. I won't go into it. But I read you here before. That's one whacked out point of view.

6/04/2007 9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've felt nothing but helpless since Shock and Awe, in regard to the invasion.

John Quimby's question -----------*So how will we deal with our soldiers when they are discharged?*-----------

is one we should all think about. I know those from the Vietnam War, they get some help and better medical then I can afford. It doesn't ease their emotional disturbances. To think we need a draft and more war is vexing.

It almost seems the more we need to look at what we're doing the more Paris Hilton or next celebrity mistakes we are fed. If it brings attention to a cause there is some good. A little fluff goes along way. As a society we are in overdose.

6/04/2007 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wikipedia has Deryk Andrew Schlessinger (born November 5, 1985). On May 19, 2007 Deryk's Myspace profile was reported under investigation by the Army. Now removed, the profile "included cartoon depictions of rape, murder, torture and child molestation; photographs of soldiers with guns in their mouths; a photograph of a bound and blindfolded detainee captioned "My Sweet Little Habib"; accounts of illicit drug use; and a blog entry headlined by a series of obscenities and racial epithets."

The Salt Lake Tribune is more detailed. Army Spc Deryk is reported in almost every article as 21.

"This episode may turn out to be a blessing if it forces Americans to confrtont some of the un-intended consequences of the choices being made for us."

6/05/2007 6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said...

6/05/2007 7:33 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

7:33 AM -- please see our guidelines about shameless plugs that are off-topic. I'm happy to promote other blogs if the subject is similar but if not I would rather not publish them...I consider this borderline so I included your comment.

6/05/2007 11:54 AM  
Anonymous jqb said...

The author doesn't even bother to use spell-check, nevermind fact checks. The entry uses phrases such as "pay freez" and "Robert's is..."! Great journalism.

There are many things for which that right wing nut passing as a "citizen journalist" can legitimately be criticized, but let's not be hypocrites like he is -- one of errors you quote above is habitually made by one of the bloggers you mentioned approvingly. I don't think that's an appropriate standard for judging journalism appearing in a blog (as opposed to a professional publication with paid proofreaders).

P.S. "never mind" is two words.

6/05/2007 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it DJ gets out of answering questions?
*__DJ- How is child rape considered humor of any sort? Please explain why you keep trying to justify these pictures.6/02/2007__*

6/05/2007 8:52 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

jqb -- good point. I do my best to spell correctly but would love a paid proofreader! (Ummm, is that two words?)

Consistent bad spelling and grammar could also mean someone isn't paying attention or spending much time on their posts. The truth is that many of us are not journalists and do not have the training -- even though we love the process. I'd never throw that stone -- but think it is still important anyway.

6/05/2007 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noriega said...

Hey! On a long boring drive today, I turned on the radio and there was Dr. Laura! Remembering the emotions she engenders in you folks, I decided to listen carefully. She seemed to be distributing much needed reality checks to various human conundrums that were deranging the people who called into her program. She gave sensible advice that was described as helpful by the people she was talking to. What's wrong with that? I particularly appeciated her criticizing all these parents who want to drug their children for behavior control cause they don't want to be bothered or embarrased. Do you know how
many kids take these pills? Little "Stepford Kids" she said. Nuts. Just Nuts. (The parents of course.)

As long as I don't have any direct knowledge of the sins of Deryk. I am holding fire.

6/05/2007 10:05 PM  
Anonymous jqb said...

To the clear, Sara, you're not the blogger I was referring to that anon 8:56am approved of (nor is EdHat). I provide occasional (non-paid) proofreading service to the gentleman in question, who surely is paying attention and spending much time on his posts, despite his tendency to write "Robert's" instead of "Roberts's" or "Roberts'" (style guides offer no consensus), among other punctuation faux pas. It's been a difficult lesson for me to learn over the years, but there's no correlation between such errors and character flaws such as laziness or lack of attentiveness.

6/06/2007 2:04 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Thanks JQB -- wasn't too worried about the who in this case as I make plenty of mistakes! I pretty much agree with you other than every post deserves a second look through for dumb mistakes and one can often find them!

6/06/2007 4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ, Who is asking you to "fire"... in"I am holding fire"? You refuse to separate the website from Dr. Laura. You make poor Deryk look guilty in your twisted obcession with his mother. Read John Quimby.. You could write about matters without your absurd focus on Dr. Laura. I don't think anyone has said she's never had good advice, you just don't get a bigger picture. Unintentionally, you make her more scary because you represent blind idiocy, and I think you are otherwise intelligent. Why won't you answer questions like, 1) So how will we deal with our soldiers when they are discharged? 2) How is child rape considered humor of any sort? Two questions that came up here. There are more.

I know plenty about pharmacuetical companies. I'm close to a family with a boy who teachers wanted to medicated et al. I amazed with his mother because she was the one that was there for him through so much. He dropped out of college, it was hard to see how he'd make it. He graduated from a good school and is fine. Never was he medicated.

Do you know about how many young people get addicted by the military? Or while at war? Haven't you known many from Nam? You know all about the opium business since we've been in Afghanistan? Fiancing the enemy yet. Do you believe the boys in Nam wrote home to Mom and told her about the drugs? No, those things come out later. It's not even war in Okinawa and they're sick of us for the assaults and rapes. You choose to think every soldier in Iraq and Afghan are boy scouts. Afghan is particularly isolated and wild.

Please read what John Quimby wrote.

6/06/2007 7:17 AM  
Anonymous jqb said...

"What's wrong with that?"

Classic strawman. No one has said anything about the show you're referring to, let alone that there was anything wrong with it. No one has claimed that "Dr." Laura has never done anything that wasn't wrong.

6/06/2007 4:56 PM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

The accused killer of this poor teenage girl in Kansas had a disturbing myspace page similar in tone to the subject of this thread...

What do you make of that?

6/08/2007 8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that, too.
I'm curious:

....if the recent My Space account had been noticed prior to a body, what would happen?
....was all the evidence cleansed, like it was reported the Pentagon did almost right away to prior My Space account. In that case the most immediate victims in My Space account would be Afghans. After 15 months and coming home, it would be a homeland security problem. Including politicians. Does any of that matter to the Army?
..In the Cho case, he wrote for school assignments. Not illegal, but enough to be removed from classes and alert a teacher.

I don't think any of these people exist in a vacumn. After the bodies show up authorities do extensive background checks. Why not before the bodies? One of the positive outcomes of VT/Cho was to improve early detection.

Definiently in current events celebrity is treated better by authorities. Thats not American. What put the NP mess in the news?

6/08/2007 11:23 AM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

I think the sad reality is that President(General)Eisenhower warned of the power of the Military Industrial Complex 50 years ago. Seems we spend ever increasing amounts of money on overkill technology, but little on the human part of the equation. Now we see that the largest civil recipient of gov't money for Iraq (Hiliburton) has moved their HQ offshore to avoid even paying taxes on their largesse.

Meanwhile, we struggle to fund schools and parks and mass transit all throughout the country. When are we gonna learn from history?

6/08/2007 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sa1 said...mass transit all throughout the country. When are we gonna learn from history?"

August 2007 MINNEAPOLIS I-35W bridge collapse
Inquiry Begun Into Bridge Inspections. The Minneapolis bridge was found structurally deficient in 1990. Repairing all spans rated structurally deficient would take at least a generation and cost more than $188 billion - at least $9.4 billion a year over 20 years.

Those bridges carry an average of more than 300 million vehicles a day.

8/04/2007 8:11 PM  

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