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Monday, July 23, 2007

Rep. Capps and Miller Urge NLRB to Act

The Santa Barbara Independent reports today that our very own Lois Capps and respected Rep. George Miller from Los Angeles urged the NLRB to act now on the News-Press Mess issue.
“The NLRB should move in a timely manner to resolve the News-Press case and all other certification cases,” the joint letter stated. “Delay in such cases undermines the Act, with a disparate impact on employees particularly in cases where it is found that the election complied with the law and the employees chose union representation.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too little, too late. The NLRB slowness figures, since its a Republican administration. Wait until Hillary or Barack is in, baby.

7/23/2007 9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did it take Capps and Miller so long to do this? Will it really make a difference now that Wendy has cleaned house and the employees who are left are too afraid to act? Unfortunately I think it is a case of too little too late. I hope I'm wrong.

7/23/2007 9:52 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

9:41 pm -- or Edwards, baby. The only one that Reps can swallow -- kind of, maybe like Rudy and sometimes McCain for Dems. I'm afraid Dems are becoming like Reps and not considering the middle of the roaders that could go a lot further on election day. I'll bet even money that Rudy, McCain and Edwards don't make it by the end of the primaries because you have to be so extreme to run the gauntlet....

9:52 pm -- Congress is a slow, wait-and-see machine that comes around when it is needed most but often when it is too late. Wait and see a bit -- it may not really be too late.

7/23/2007 11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To her credit, Rep. Capps wrote a similar letter months ago, trying to move the Board along, so this is her second one of that ilk. The Board as it is currently constituted faces both inherent slowness built into the law that usually benefits employers, further impeded by its own reluctance to help workers, as is the case with Republicans, who comprise a majority of this Board. One has to wonder what the hell is going on with this Board if after nine illegal firings and all manner of threats and repression within a relatively small group of employees, this Board cannot see its way to go to court to help them out, and instead leaves it to the slow grind of the administrative process.

As for John Edwards, Sara, he has been the most outspoken in this campaign in favor of workers, the poor and labor law reform. The Rethuglicans hate that more than they hate anything but campaign contribution reform. But Edwards doesn't have the Hillary machine or the Obama glow, so who knows.

I think McCain is toast, but the belligerent Rudy remains the favorite among the Rethugs, which may prove helpful to Dems, since Rudy can easily transform into a train wreck. He was divisive and hateful in NYC, and while Americans still seem to want "toughness" even as it has proven obtuse with our current White House occupant, there are no wars that can be politically profitably fought now, so Rudy would get trounced by any of the top three Dems.

7/24/2007 8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Du Du Du Du Daaaah! showing up just in time to make absolutely no difference in the outcome therefore keeping her hands relatively clean if things go south but claim any potential victory if things go well, now that's leadership I tell you. But hey I'll take what we can get from Lois. Now if she can get her boy Salud and her girl Iya to stop pandering in Travis (see sunday's op-ed) I'll be impressed.

7/24/2007 11:31 AM  
Blogger jqb said...

Honestly, you think Clinton and Obama are "extreme"? Given what the polls say, the so-called "middle of the roaders" -- right leaning Dems -- are at the extreme end of the party. But the funny thing is that Edwards is probably the most liberal of the three -- certainly more than Clinton. Perhaps it's that he's white, male, and southern that has you so confused.

7/24/2007 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edwards? The only one that Reps can swallow?

Maybe because of his race and gender, but not because of his politics. Last I heard he was left of Obama and Clinton. At least his rhetoric on poverty and taxes reflects this.

7/24/2007 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, too little and way too late unfortunately. Apparently also a lost opportunity to educate the public about why we in the U.S. need to pass the Employee Free
Choice Act and join with most other western democracies by making it harder for irresponsible employers to fire the organized and shorten the time to real negotiations.

7/24/2007 10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why haven't the national print and TV media asked why the National Labor Relations Board voted 3-2 recently not to seek an court injunction to reinstate the News-Press's fired reporters while the NLRB's prosecution of the newspaper for alleged unfair labor practices was pending?

Why are the media afraid to ask the board why it voted that way?

Why are the media willing to accept that the board just doesn't feel like giving a reason?

Why haven't Congresspersons Lois Capps or George Miller asked for a reason?

Is the NLRB not answerable to the Congress, media or citizens of the United States?

Maybe if Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Oprah Winfrey or even Peewee Herman were some of the fired reporters affected by the ruling, the media nationwide would have been all over the NLRB pummeling them with questions about their vote.

So much for the NLRB prioritizing the rights of employees. It really looks like President Bush and other Republicans have put wolves in charge of watching the henhouse.

And it really looks like newspapers have put hens in charge of watching the wolves.

Let's see how the national media cover the News-Press trial starting Aug. 14 in Santa Barbara.

Will Court TV have a camera in the courtroom so the entire nation can watch Wendy McCaw on the stand, justifying the mass firings and resignations of respected journalists and editors from her newspaper?

It would be great if Judge Judy could preside over the trial!

The nation can hear McCaw explain how bias is as she perceives it, and it's her paper and she can choose how stories can be biased to favor her viewpoint and which cannot.

That would be an even better reality TV show than "Survivor."

As a matter of fact, maybe producers will see the opportunity to merge a Survivor reality-type show with the News-Press Mess, seeing how long a group of ethical journalists can survive working for McCaw.

It would be as exciting and sadistic as wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin's movie, "The Condemned."

7/25/2007 9:06 PM  

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