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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's Caucus Day Look Like?

With all the commotion over Oprah and Third Eye Blind for Obama, Chelsea for Hillary; and now, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, local Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt for Edwards -- I've been interested in what's happening in Iowa and looked a bit deeper into how Caucus Day works as it is so different than how we do our's a YouTube video from the Edwards campaign that explains it, albeit more than a little bit biased, very well.



Anonymous anti-anti-anti political wars said...


We can barely "get along" on local and personal issues without jumping into the 08 orgy to come. Can we wait until 12/26????

Just shoot me, please!

12/13/2007 12:42 AM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noreiga said...

Dear Sara:

Put me down for none of the above.

12/13/2007 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, let's not encourage them.

12/13/2007 5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





12/13/2007 7:44 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

I say Edwards-Gore (sweet!)



12/13/2007 as well....

12/13/2007 10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



"It's Over" as Roy Orbison would sing!!

12/13/2007 11:02 PM  
Anonymous Huey Chapala said...

I worked in Iowa for a candidate during a presidential caucus and I found it to be quite a stimulating and personally elevating experience.

It is completely opposite of a primary experience where we passively go into a booth alone and cast a ballot in isolation.

In the Iowa Caucus, voters meet together openly and communally, they interact and negotiate positions with each other, and they publicly proclaim and sometimes defend their choices. There are attempts at persuasion and hoped for defections and leveraging, there is bartering and horse trading. Much like an old fashioned Town Hall meeting, it is a vital and intimate experience.

It was quite wonderful and so very different than we have become accustomed to in CA. It actually renewed my respect for how personal democracy must be to be healthy and effective. It was refreshing.

If anyone can go to participate or observe, it is well worth the experience.

12/14/2007 12:38 AM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

Don't forget, I called dibs on Gore-Obama months ago.

Like a true capatalist though, I want to hedge my bet with a fantasy team:

Obama-Bloomberg with Hillary slated for SecDef (That battle-axe could scare the pants off a Mulla)


McCain-Tancredo with Ron Paul as SecDef.

It would be just hysterical watching the heads of the entire Mid-West spin on their shoulders and puke green vomit. Limbaugh and O'Wrongly's heads would explode like in the movie Scanners. Right on air.

12/14/2007 12:46 AM  
Anonymous Vote Experience and Change said...

Yes, it is not about Iowa, but here is a News-Press headline for a "park" that does not exist. Experience matters.

Fire restrictions cut at Los Padres Park

December 14, 2007

LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST U.S. Forest Service officials are reducing fire restrictions in Los Padres National Forest.

12/14/2007 1:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're all a bunch of losers.

I'll take Bush any day.

12/14/2007 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Gracious Living said...

Kucinich-Paul are the outsiders and the team for me.

BTW It would be difficult to live in a country that would have a President Huck-a-bee regardless of any attribute he possess.

Say it a few times....

President Huck-a-bee how'd youse respond ta thait?

President Huck-a-bee ar youse a gonna bomb Iran too?

President Huck-a-bee should my HIV ass be in a camp?

President Huck-a-bee cud you parole me some so eyes could rapes and kills again?

12/14/2007 8:09 PM  
Anonymous I'm so brilliant I scare myself... said...

I want Bush to take a "LEAVE OF ABSENCE" and let Cheney finish out his term and clean house!

He will get the job done and at the same time just pee off so many people for his getting the last say in this administration.

It should have been Cheney as President all along.. not junior!

12/15/2007 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans tend to not like early front-runners. Obama may win because of this stubborn perversity that demands candidates earn our votes and not just be anointed. Even Bushette had his face rubbed in it during his early primaries until he and Rove found how effective dirty politics could work in his favor after a few humiliating losses to McCain.

Same thing happening with Hillary right now. She is getting knocked down a few pegs by the perverse switch to Obama in this early stage. But at least Dems are smarter the Bush favoring Reps, and will soon realize they really do not want to be in bed with Obama.

He is a one-trick novelty with no staying power and the votes will slowly drift back to The Clintons for comfort and experience.

Obama got tiresome right during his long-winded speech here a few months ago. And that was just in under and hour of full live exposure to his yawn-inducing stump speech that is calculated with kicker applause lines until you quickly realize you are being played for a fool.

12/16/2007 9:05 PM  
Anonymous Don Jose de la Guerra y Noreiga said...

Two terms is enough for Bill Clinton. It's what the constitution says. Who do you think we are, Argentina?

12/16/2007 9:41 PM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

To the point that our dear SDLG brought up about pushing forward primaries. (TL on Averageman brought this up too)

I just heard the local Edwards guru in Iowa say "Rural America will decide this campaign..."

Is this not the height of arrogance? Do they forget (ignore) who pays the bills in this country?

Or are they just trying to protect their precious Farm Subsidies?

You know, those multi-billion dollar sudsidies of which 90% go to the big business agri-nazis.

But I guess if I were getting paid hundreds of thousands to NOT grow food to protect prices, (free market anyone?)I might be tempted to join the Dark Side also.

You know of course that the F'd Bros. collect big time on them too. Keep stompen them grapes babies.

12/18/2007 12:59 PM  
Blogger John Quimby said...


I don't know which horse I'm agoin
to pick in this here race.

But please, for the love of God, can we have a president who explains our foreign policy without sounding like Andy Griffith in "What it Was, Was Football?

12/18/2007 7:09 PM  

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