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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Is the Cannabis Vote Enough?

Your prescription for change, Dr. Dave Bearman, has likely realized that only through a "Hail Mary" pass can he win the race for supervisor in the 3rd District or even have a chance at forcing a run-off. Here's his rather green commercial which I can't think will do him much good unless you are high on election day or just don't care about who gets elected, which may be the case for many voters. I especially like the robotic disclaimer at the end....

Has it come to this for Dr. Dave? Nice guy, stands by his principles -- unelectable as far as I am concerned...let's hope he doesn't keep Doreen Farr from winning outright.



Anonymous Vote June 4th said...

Political buzz around Isla Vista is that Bearman's boys also are telling voters to go to wrong polling place, apparently because they do not know better.

They seem to be using the background props in their TV commercial.

6/02/2008 12:02 AM  
Anonymous augusto den said...

Well, Sara, it is your blog, but you've hit a low with this posting.

I've heard a couple of Bearman's ads in the past few days, and I hadn't heard this one. Also heard a few of Smyser's.

To characterize the ad you post as a `Hail Mary' pass is inaccurate. At best, this is one of several ads Bearman has had out there.

And that is the problem... Bearman is a strong supporter of medicinal use of cannabis, but there are quite a few aspects of his candidacy that you ignore.

I guess you subscribe to the `Karl Rove' theory of politics... smear people with one aspect of their life or candidacy. Although I must say you've made be respect Bearman (more than you) for standing up for his core value, that cannabis is a good medicine and should not be denied to suffering people. That you smear the positives of cannabis is another big negative about you, Sara.

And obvious and huge additional aspect to Bearman's candidacy is revenue and duplicity with respect to the City of Goleta...

Bearman legitimately questioned the long-term fiscal viability of the City of Goleta, after state subventions ended in 2008, back in 2001. And now the City notices that after 2009 they will have a financial problem, and consequently wants to end their revenue neutrality agreement with the County.

That agreement is the only mechanism whereby IV and East Goleta get some of the revenue they spend in all the commercial centers Goleta seized back for their public infrastructure.

Bearman argued for a larger city, including IV. Farr argued against including IV, and now shows the same duplicity Gail Marshall did back in 2001: Marshall did lip service to IV, but when it came time to vote at LAFCO, she cast her vote against IV. This is the big-time duplicity of the South Coast dems with respect to IV, and Farr has bought in to it: she now claims to be on IV's side.

Doreen Farr argued for the City of Goleta and ignored the post-subvention finances in 2001. She also argued for the exclusion of IV... the only large-scale poll indicated (when IV votes were included) that a city including IV would pass. And the revenue from IV and UCSB's bookstore would have helped a lot in the post-subvention budget.

Now you may be right that Bearman couldn't beat Smyser or Pappas. But it may be that the only reason Farr could is that she is fiscally ignorant, and she will hand out raises to whatever county interest group supports her, or give special development consideration to her donors who give a lot. I bet she would get outmaneuvered by the Naples developers simply because she is so ineffectual.

Additionally, Pappas is putting on a full court press out here in IV. Your pissing on Bearman ignores the Pappas phenomenon entirely.

Why has it come to this for your blog? You've been phoning it in for quite sometime. But this post is a new low.

BTW, the News-Press far outclassed you with its Sunday op-ed (which I found in Java Jones yesterday). All 5 3rd district candidates gave their view on UCSB's massive expansion plans. It's a sad day when the News-Press provides a discussion superior to you, Sara. You've pretty much ignored UCSB's vast plans for 10,000 new residents in this already densely populated spot.

And guess what... had IV and UCSB been in the City of Goleta, that development would receive a lot more thorough consideration that it will now. Thanks south coast dems and Doreen Farr.

6/02/2008 5:41 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

I've done plenty of positive pieces on medicinal marijuana and wasn't actually commenting on other parts of Dave's platform. He's done a community post here of which I was supportive and I've printed some of his press releases verbatim...if anything, I haven't given the other candidates enough play which is certainly my fault. Also, my intention to ask questions of the 3rd district candidates came a bit late to be effective -- thus the reason I let it go. That is something I wish I had had more time for and was organized for a bit sooner. As for the other topics -- there have been posts here on UCSB's long range plan and I'd be happy to accept community posts from anyone who is interested. You ask me to be all things to all people -- but I can only do so much. If you'd like more -- help me out!

Still, my point is just that I don't think this is an issue I would hang my hat on. Dr. Dave is entitled to his opinion and I wish him the best but his tactic flies in the face of what usually wins elections.

6/02/2008 7:28 AM  
Anonymous Nellie Flind said...

Well, seems like we found in "Augusto Den" the new equivalent of Nelville Flynn for the Third District contest.

If Bearman had ads about issues besides pot, then we might have other issues to discuss, but he has no other TV ads.

This is legitimate political analysis about why Bearman chose that ad and the theme of his campaign. Dothing protesting too much?

And very, very amusing that a newbie here is pitting Blogabarbara versus News-Press in the same game.

6/02/2008 7:34 AM  
Anonymous infomaniac said...

Dr. Bearman has been a respected community member. But it's pretty clear from his lack of endorsers and contributors that he is a second tier candidate.

Doreen Farr has the endorsement of all the environmental organizations plus the anti-growth Goleta Council members Aceves and Wallis. Plus, the county Firefighters who last time endorsed Firestone have switched to Farr.

The shots thrown out of desperation at Farr, are way out of line. She has been a legitimate community activist in both Goleta and the Santa Inez Valley.

If too many voters throw away their votes on Bearman, trying to make a statement about cannibis, this could hand the critical 3rd District seat to Smyser. And if that happens it will undo much of the good Bearman has done. We'll see what the voters have to say about all this.

6/02/2008 7:56 AM  
Anonymous augusto den said...

I actually don't watch TV, and Bearman's radio ads that I've heard don't mention cannibis.

Here is Bearman's article on Goleta's Finances

and here is another article by a Bearman supporter.

Neither article makes a big deal about cannibis.

I don't care much about cannibis, but the Rove-style tactics of the South Coast Dems and Sara have really turned me off.

You've made Bearman, who in my experience is no prize bull, garner my respect.

I might well have voted for Farr if she had been honorable in her campaign, but it will be between Bearman and Pappas now.

Newbie? Only been here since 1880.

6/02/2008 8:24 AM  
Blogger Voice of Rezon(e) said...

"Doreen Farr has the endorsement of all the environmental organizations plus the anti-growth Goleta Council members Aceves and Wallis. Plus, the county Firefighters who last time endorsed Firestone have switched to Farr."

Uh - sounds like a good reason to vote for one of the other candidates. Maybe you've stumbled onto the script for a campaign ad for one of the other candidates?

Nice work infomaniac!

6/02/2008 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Third District Streetfigher said...

Please, tell us more about the "post-subvention finances in 2001."

That is certainly the HOT HOT issue in this election now and the burning topic of discussion in all the pot stores where all the Bearman voters are.

Please wank away some more to deconstruct and reinterpret history about how the votes were counted when crafting the Goleta cityhood boundary was proposed then.

Bearman would be a fantastic future Mayor of Isla Vista, as Augusto Den and his two friends have argued before in blog commentary. Apparently they intend for a new City of Isla Vista to incorporate into part of Goleta suburbia to annex Bearman's residence too?

6/02/2008 11:46 AM  
Anonymous cityperson said...

Seems to me, Sara, you have indeed done a lot for Bearman ... and he should thank you for it, although judging by his tv spot for the LWV he is too busy saying, "I" "I" "I".

I have thought from the beginning that he is a spoiler against Farr in this race, a widely known one-issue candidate, medical marijuana, and little else.

Would there were time, the other candidates should have had as much coverage as he.

The really BIG issue is the Miramar and the big bucks there, pun intended.

6/02/2008 4:27 PM  
Blogger The Barron said...

Dr. Dave's ad is pretty bad. I totally agree with the other folks in that if they toss votes his way, Smyser will get in, or at the least, be in a nasty run off in November.

If Smyser gets elected, LOOK OUT! This guy has been bought by out-of-county money and will answer only to the big developers. Yes, his ads may say he was raised on a ranch, but they didn't say what kind & where! This guy is a quitter from the word "Go!" Ask anyone in the S.Y. Valley if he's ever finished anything he's set out to accomplish. Heck, he can't even finish with his own family! They're all out of state, in CO.

6/02/2008 8:56 PM  
Anonymous augusto den said...

The City of Goleta has received start up funds known as `subventions' from the state, which end in 2008-2009.

No coincidence is now whining about the revenue neutrality agreement: the City used their startup funding to support all their ongoing costs, instead of using the startup funding on one-time capital costs.

And so now they are pleading to reneg on the revenue neutrality agreement with the County.

And yes, Bearman did bring this up during the original discussions in 2001. Doreen Farr is not really capable of understanding the numbers.

The `one issue' tag on Bearman is nasty politics, a la Karl Rove. Makes me ashamed to be a south coast dem.

Anyone thinking Bearman is the only spoiler is short of a full deck too... Pappas has become very strong.

6/03/2008 7:36 AM  
Anonymous infomaniac said...


Yes, we have all noticed that Dr. Dave has tag-teamed with Pappas to try to derail Farr.

So if we get Pappas or Smyser instead of Farr, I guess we'll have Dr. Dave to "thank."

Then we can kiss Gaviota, county mental health services and many other things goodbye, but you and Dr. Dave can continue to assert your moral superiority.

6/03/2008 9:33 AM  
Anonymous augusto den said...


Tag team? Not really. Just two guys who think they can do a good job.

Both Pappas and Bearman would save all the things you wish. Bearman is an MD, for goodness sakes, so County Mental Health would do best under him.

And don't confuse morals and ethics. Doreen far is quite moral... she drifts with the prevailing wind. Both Pappas and Bearman are more ethical; they stick up for untenable positions on principle.

If it is one of them who are #2 in the primary, the South Coast Dems will just have to swallow their battleship of anger and get them elected.

6/03/2008 7:18 PM  
Anonymous sa1 said...

If Smyser is elected, I will have to move to the FRENCH Riviera...

6/03/2008 7:34 PM  

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