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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gap Fire Coverage

After spending most of yesterday wondering whether I would have to help move one of my relatives out of the hills of Goleta, I came home to candlelight and visions of the Painted Cave Fire and listening to the radio for more detailed information. Was it the late Dick Williams who always seemed to be right in the middle of the fire, sending in updates at KTMS? Times have changed but perhaps we have not changed along with it.

I'm not sure about the most recent status of evacuations but GLEN ANNIE AND LA PATERA CANYON RESIDENTS were asked to evacuate last night.

For updates, one of our readers pointed us to a nice site by the Wildland Residents Association which I assume is made up of Trout Club and Cold Spring Tavern types...they do a really good job at putting it all together. Here's what they had from the county at their site:

At 7:28 p.m. as a result of the Gap Fire, Edison lines were temporarily damaged causing power outages on the South Coast.

We urge all South Coast residents, if you have power, to reduce power usage immediately. At this time there is not an estimated time for restoration of power. Please stay informed through the following media.

Residents are advised to stay alert for additional information by listening to County Government cable TV station Channel 20, or the following AM or FM radio "Stations of Choice" for Emergency Public Information or other local television stations.

AM Stations: KTMS-990 KUHL-1410 KZSB-1290 KINF-1440
FM Stations: KCSB-91.9 KSPE-94.5 (Spanish) KSYV-96.7 KTYD-99.9 KSBL-101.7 KRAZ-105.9 KIST-107.7 (Spanish)

For other updates, InciWeb has a map and general information about the fire as well.


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