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Friday, October 24, 2008

Breaking News: Kate Smith Disqualified from School Board Race

Many of you got a letter today from the Registrar of Voters today saying that Kate Smith has been disqualified from the School Board race because she is not registered to vote in the district.

Although I doubt many of you voted for the gadfly, you can recast your vote if you already voted for her and sent it in by going to the Elections Office at 130 East Victoria Street (or in Santa Maria or Lompoc) before 5 PM on October 28th.

If you marked your ballot and gave her your vote and haven't sent it in, you can change your vote by making an "X" over the mismarked oval and then mark your preferred choice and write a legible "YES" next to the candidate of your choice. Do not initial or sign your name.

It is not clear from the letter if one has to write "yes" if you only vote for one or two of the other candidates only...I have already emailed the Elections Office to find out what one would do.

Smith told KEYT that she has a ten year old letter from the district saying she lives within the boundaries...why wasn't her registration checked when she turned in her candidate papers? I bet it was and there is a good explanation but I am unaware of what that could be.

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Anonymous Mrs Smith goes to the school board said...

Sounds like the Obama campaign getting the military votes kicked out in Virginia because they filled out official Virginia ballot forms that were no longer valid, but were not updated when given to these military personal. Thank goodness Obama made sure the law was enforced disenfranchising this group of sincere voters because they are overwhelmingly in favor of McCain.

If Smith has a qualifying letter from the Elections Office she assumed for good reason was still valid, and her kids all go to local schools and even pay her for her personal needs, it does seem odd at this late day she is now disqualified.

Boundaries are boundaries, no quibbling on that. But it also appears there is administrative bad faith here as well long before charging Smith herself with intentional abuse.

Were these boundaries drawn with the specific intent of keeping her out of the district because of her known district gadfly actions? By whom, how and when were these newly punitive district guidelines redrawn?

10/24/2008 10:29 AM  
Blogger hillary b said...

BREAKING NEWS: does 4 days old news count as breaking?

10/24/2008 7:39 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Ouch! I hadn't heard about it until I got the letter and didn't see anything about it until then...perhaps it was a bad choice of words but I did want some importance placed on it in case this affected anyone.

10/25/2008 3:18 AM  

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