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Friday, December 19, 2008

Goleta Initiates General Plan Amendments

Based on a proposal for 300 apartments near CostCo, the Goleta Council approved two general plan amendments to make way for a mixed use project between Glenn Annie and Santa Felicia Drive. The vote, 4-1, marked the first vote for the new council and showed they are serious about increasing housing along the Hollister Corridor where shopping and transporation would be easiest. New Council Members Ed Easton voted for the amendment and Margaret Connell against citing concerns about the increase in height limits allowed for the project. For the whole story, see The Daily Sound.

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Anonymous Eckermann said...

Sure, let's create ghettos for poor people right next to the noise and pollution of the freeway and railroad tracks. Of course, since the ghetto would be close to minimum wage jobs (at retail stores and the planned hotel at Storke and Hollister) to which the poor could walk, the fact that they would not be able to afford automobiles would not matter much. Do we really need highrise low rent appartments and more retail? Wouldn't a light/high tech industry park be a more appropriate use for this land? Considering that Goleta is mostly one large housing tract with some shops and a few non-retail oriented businesses (the high tech sector our rare shining example), do we really need more homes and shops? I'm just asking.

12/21/2008 9:13 AM  

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