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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Local News Radio Great Idea

March 6, 2005: "Bringing Back Local News Radio" was the headline today in the News-Press article written by Wendy McCaw in VOICES.

Although she's been taking some hits from me of late with the pigs-rights effort and continuing to rewrite Lois Capps' environmental record, this effort is worth supporting. In the article, she points out that Bob Newhart, who owns KZBN 1290 AM, sold the station to a group of investors at below market rate because of his commitment to Santa Barbara having an all news station.

I miss listening to the Voice of Santa Barbara in the morning (Jerry Cornfield has since moved to Olympia, WA). It's also important for all of us to have a place to turn to in an emergency.

How an all news radio station will cooperate with the newspaper side of the business remains to be seen -- Josh Molina podcasting from De la Guerra Plaza? Barney Brantingham cell phoning from Java Jones? I am willing to hope for the best on this one -- we need news radio and we need it bad.


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