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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Money Trail

The News-Repress announced the financial statements for council and mayor today. The good Rev. Horton Heat has raised the most money with an impressive $48, 955 -- his largest contribution was from SEIU, the subject of yesterday's post. The all important cash on hand means Horton has $37,700 in the bank for the next month. This practically makes him a shoe-in for first place. Iya Falcone has $19,200 in the bank and was the subject of today's meet the candidate in the paper. It was interesting how her feud with the Mayor wasn't mentioned until the end of the article but every article about the Slugger has it right up front...

House did well with $33,700 raised and Redd and Channing close out the main contenders. Terry Tyler is still in France and not walking precincts....why does her man at De la Guerra think he's a serious candidate? He has only $1,300 in contributions but is loaning himself $10,000 -- that money might come into play if he knows how to spend it.

In the Mayor's race - the big news is that the self-described fiscal watchdog, Lanny Ebenstein, couldn't get his paperwork in by the 5 pm deadline. He says he has $15,000 in loans and $30,00 total. The Slugger, mayor Blum, has raised about the same amount....she shouldn't have much to worry about here.


Anonymous ted mills said...

Sorry, I don't have a comment to this post, but I can't find your email link.

Anyway, I just want to mention I redesigned my website and will slowly be adding old columns as well as posting all current ones from the NP. I know their website bugs you...

10/03/2005 10:46 PM  

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