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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Night Blogging

Okay, let's give a little more space for the armchair quarterbacks...looks like low turnout, which would help Falcone as an incumbent no? Are we expecting too much that this might last into the morning for the third place spot? Maybe...

Update:Most of you know that Blum won by close to 60% to Ebenstein's 34%. Horton, Falcone and House have won the council seats.

Congratulations to all tonight after a hard fought campaign. See today's earlier post on campaign finance to read what Council Member Das Williams says about his race. Kudos to Das for contributing to as himself.


Anonymous First District Streetfighter said...

Returns lasting into the morning depends upon how fast the absentee ballots from past few days, or just election day, get counted; but could be days with signature verification etc.

With more and more people returning absentee forms really late, election returns will be more and more inconclusive with close outcomes, greatly frustrating to all unless the law or policy can change to cut off the return date to a few days before election day, thereby allowing absentee forms to get counted with the rest of them and posted shortly after the closing hour.

Rain and low turnout benefits the challengers, not incumbents, because voters who understand the details of the race are more motivated to vote, while casual, fair-weather voters would be more numerous in good weather and also tend to support the incumbents because they do not think too hard about it. At least that is one theory of punditry going around.

Time to stop bloging and get thee to the clerk-elections office!

11/08/2005 7:13 PM  

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