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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Otters and the Council Resolution

As requested, here's a thread on otters -- we've come a long way since the News-Press put meercats above the fold and above the banner -- and it seems clear that the translocation of otters hasn't worked. Do we really need more study as Falcone suggests?

Council Member Barnwell and Falcone's alliance seems based more on procedural grounds. Is Council Member Williams a "young turk" in their eyes that should be punished when he doesn't follow procedure like on Prop 75 and the Otters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much of the Council deliberation that night was about having pie and eating it too, as the Feds are not going to discontinue the "no-otter zone" while at the same time NOT enforce against take or disturbances of the otters in the same zone.

All the city council can do is express agreement that the zone is a failure, but at the same time emphasize highly that the Feds need to figure out how protect the fishing industry from prosecution if otters get hurt accidentally. The Feds cannot do that yet, if ever, especially because some in the fishing industry gladly harm otters far from an accident.

11/18/2005 8:43 AM  

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