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Thursday, August 03, 2006

RCC Chair Ousted for Tennenbaum Support

One of the main problems with party politics today is that moderates don't often have a voice and there is not much tolerance for different views. In the Democratic or Republican Parties -- especially local party organizations -- you are expected to be to the more left or more right respectively.

It look like this happened with Ventura County Republican Central Committee Chair Leslie Cornejo who was ousted without cause by her fellow committee members 14-1. Cornejo, was a a supporter of Gallegly opponent Michael Tennenbaum, told the News-Press that "politics is a tough business". It sure is.

We probably don't know the whole story -- anyone care to tell?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue runs much deeper than Leslie's support of Tenenbaum. That was just the flash point for a much larger schism between the sizeable amount of moderates in the Central Committee who have brought the local party back to the point where it was the #1 central committee in the state last year, and the uber-right wackjobs who want to seize the reigns. Mike Osborne is the archetype of this latter group. He's not a considerate person. Quite the latter; he's stubborn, closed-minded, and easily frustrated.

I doubt I'm the only one thinking of switching registration...

8/03/2006 4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie Cornejo's Central Committee was literally voted #1 in the state by the California Republican Party for 2004.

At that time, Mike Osborne asked to be supported for Chairman. When the person he asked said no, he was supporting Leslie, who had made the County #1 in the State, Mike Osborn withdrew his plan to run! (BTW, he lost three times previously, so obviously he didn't lose again)

The real culprit though is Cristina Martin. The committee needed a quorum of 12 people, they had 12 people to count towards quorum - exactly. If Cristina Martin had not attended, the vote would not have taken place. Cristina lies and says she didn't know this, but she was told that if she went, she WOULD contribute to quorum and therefore would be contributing to Leslie's ouster. I guess she didn't care... Well, Pedro just gained this Republican's vote.

8/09/2006 1:06 PM  

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