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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mad Money on ValueClick or Mad Stock Valuation?

The Pacific Coast Business Times reported in the following little ditty that Westlake company ValueClick is a takeover target:

Takeover speculation boosts Valueclick
CNBC stock analyst Jim Cramer speculated that Westlake Village-based Valueclick could be Microsoft Corp.’s next acquisition target. If so, the company could pay as much as twice the $5.5 billion it spent on software maker AQuantive in August, Cramer said Oct. 8 on his “Mad Money” show. If not Microsoft, Yahoo! Inc. is another potential buyer. Its rival Google Inc. has agreed to buy DoubleClick Inc., Valueclick’s competitor in the Internet advertising broker market. Cramer’s comments helped push Valueclick’s stock [VCLK] up by $2.68 to $28.20 on Oct. 9. It has risen 28 percent since Sept. 24, when analysts at the Stanford Group and Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. first identified it as a takeover target.

Hard to believe that everyone is after them...we bemoan misled PR in the political world daily on BlogaBarbara but I wonder if we need to look in the business arena as well. Is this true or just a couple more bucks in the ValueClick pocket?

Still, take a look at the Wikipedia entry. I didn't know they owned our very own Commission Junction or had so many web properties -- it's amazing what venture capital can do. Perhaps Microsoft or Yahoo! has other plans than online advertising auctions for our Santa Barbara-based company?

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Anonymous donaldo de Santa Barbara said...

The Independent, Sound, SBNP and even the pre McCaw News Press are all Chamber based PR publications. Some might even call it bias. They are all promoting something....mostly new products, regardless of their value. More products and advertisers = more profits for the publications. A business publication will be obviously focused and biased and even use speculations or rumors to promote readership interest, the other conflict of interest when reporting the news.

When someone looses their income, job and home over following media leads or lack of unbiased reporting, they end up blaming the governement. The local business darling, Tenet Healthcare, was promoted and then fell from grace with it's bad financial dealings. Business decisions were made to leave town and guess who was blamed by the political pundits....the Mayor. This is a win win situation for the Chamber.

10/16/2007 9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VCLK was higher than $35 earlier in the year, around May, when there was speculation of a buyout in the wake of a number of competitors being acquired. It's amazing what a little chatter can do to the stock price.

10/16/2007 12:31 PM  

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