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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oops! They Did It Again!

Britney couldn't have said it better than the great headline from The Santa Barbara Independent on Greka Oil's next spill. Did any of us think that with their record it wouldn't happen again?

Irony upon irony, the spill was sadly spent on a creek bordering Firestone Vineyard. The vineyard was only until recently owned by County Supervisor Brooks Firestone...who recently voted with North County conservatives to let Greka pass go and collect $200 when Supervisor Wolf asked for a serious hearing on the matter. How often does Greka have to spill for our friends to the North to agree that this is a serious problem with a business that is clearly run as well as Enron ran their finances? Although I have at times been critical, kudos to Assembly Member Pedro Nava for trying to do something about it.

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