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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Angry Journalist Dot Com!

For any of you erstwhile journalists out there, check out to vent your frustrations with your paper or the people that read it. A running list, it's an interesting read of subscribers and what they call a reporter about -- as if they are their own personal 411. Many thanks to a dedicated reader who sent the link in.


Anonymous You kidding me?? said...

How about a vent from a reader -- now a former reader who can't take it anymore?

The headline on page 1 of today's News-Press, upper section, big, big font -- like that used in normal papers for a major rocket attack on Bagdad's Green Zone:

"Animals' artistic talents tapped as revenue source"

And half the upper section page covered with a photo of an elephant painting.

A wire story out of Milwaukee.


4/08/2008 9:21 PM  

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