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Friday, June 06, 2008

Maldonado Wanted His Mom to Vote for Him -- Yeah Right!

Our friends at EdHat led me to an article in the Monterey Herald which suggested State Senator Abel Maldonado could possibly be the Republican and Democrat candidate for State Senate in November. Apparently, Maldonado filed for a Democratic write-in candidacy so his mother could vote for him. Perhaps he actually smelled opportunity as there were no Democratic candidates for the seat?

Dennis Morris, a Pismo Beach Democrat, mounted a last-minute write-in candidacy in Tuesday's 15th District election in the Democratic primary but can he actually qualify for the November ballot against Maldonado?

We will have to see once all the votes in four counties are counted as the 15th Senate District goes through This from The Herald:
A partial count of write-in ballots from four of the five counties
in the 15th District indicate it is possible one of the candidates hit the threshold. San Luis Obispo County reported 1,939 write-in ballots; Santa Barbara County, 413; Santa Cruz County, 897; and Monterey County, 1,182.

So as of Thursday, the total number of write-in ballots, still awaiting Santa Clara County's number, stood at 4,481.

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Anonymous Dems for McCain said...

Uhhh.... that line was stolen from Jack O'Connell who years ago always got a laugh saying when he filed unopposed for both Rep and Dem ballots, it was the only time his mother would vote for him. Abel is not looking very able. Why am I not surprised.

6/07/2008 9:02 AM  

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