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Friday, July 04, 2008

Today's Evac Order #EOC 08-0715

A reader asked that the evac orders be time stamped -- they are also numbered anyway, so we can use that. Thanks for the good request. -- Sara

Effective immediately, an Evacuation Warning has been issued for all residents between Glenn Annie Road to Farren Road North of Cathedral Oaks Road. In addition a warning has been issued for the area from San Marcos Road to Highway 154 North of Cathedral Oaks Road.

Mandatory Evacuations remain in place for the areas of:

Hidden Valley at the top of 154 and the Trout Club.

North of Cathedral Oaks Road from San Marcos Road west to Glen Annie Road

West Camino Cielo, west of Highway 154, including Kinevan Road, the Haney Tract, Painted Cave and Windemere

Glen Annie and La Patera Canyon areas.

Residents will not be allowed into the areas designated as Mandatory Evacuation areas until further notice.

An American Red Cross Evacuation Center has been established at San Marcos High School at 4750 Hollister Avenue at the intersection of Turnpike Road and Hollister Avenue.

Residents in Evacuation Warning Area should remain alert and prepared to leave if so ordered.

Residents are advised to stay alert for additional information by listening to County Government cable TV station Channel 20, or the following AM or FM radio "Stations of Choice" for Emergency Public Information or other local television stations.

AM Stations
KTMS-990 KUHL-1410 KZSB-1290 KINF-1440

FM Stations
KCSB-91.9 KSPE-94.5 (Spanish) KSYV-96.7 KTYD-99.9 KSBL-101.7
KRAZ-105.9 KIST-107.7 (Spanish)

San Marcos Pass Radio 1040-AM


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