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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Leaky Foulcone

First, a big BlogaBarbara welcome to Frank Ciucut who posts below on divebombing butterflies and today's happenings at the so-called City Council. And a quick note -- why the heck don't they publish the minutes of their council meetings online? Further, when I tried to link to the agenda page, a PDF, it crashed my browser....grrrrrrr. Sara mad, very mad! Sara digress....

Anyways, a quick note: I've no problem at all with paying our officers well, but why the heck should we break the bank on the backs of the poorest SB residents and other city workers? I find it notable and interesting that the sole "nay" votes on the so-called council were a teacher, Marty Blum, and a doctor, Dan Secord. The lowest-paid public servant and the highest-paid public servant seemed to agree, and both have dealt with the REAL public far more than the career politicians, attorneys and political consultants that largely comprise the rest of the council. Now I'm all for unions, but if I had to choose between teachers of all varieties and social workers or cops, you can guess who's gettin' the raises, and a quick clue: ain't the cops.

Now, about that leak....

Frank points out below that Josh Molina of the ever-unlinkable News-O-Press maybe followed his "leak" paragraph with Falcone's quote because he knew something and wanted to imply guilt by proximity. I say Frank? No need. Read the quotes. Have you ever read such back-handed guilt-talk? Sheesh. On the leak, Falcone:
"This is a small town and it doesn't take a long time for things to get out," said Ms. Falcone. "I operate from the position that everything gets out."
Oh, it gets worse:

"I don't need to hide behind closed session. I would be just as happy saying in public what I said in closed session."

Huh what huh? Closed sessions aren't about back room deals, they are about matters of human resources that by law in some cases -- well, actually, in most cases -- absolutely must stay in closed session. That's what closed session is for. In fact, if Falcone said some of the things in public that she said in closed session, much less divulging what others have said, it could cost the city a huge bundle in quite justified lawsuits by current and former city employees discussed in such sessions. Even worse? She knows this. The quotes above are sideshow hocus-pocus, cheap and flashy and quite easy to see through. You would think that an attorney like Leaky Foulcone wouldn't drip drip drip like a melting snowman under Molina's questioning unless, guilty as OJ, she felt the need to back-pedal and justify her own misdeeds. Now, I expect politicians to lie -- however, one might suppose that a seasoned political operative slash consultant slash politician like Falcone could at least lie well. Oops! Guess not.


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