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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Paid for the Same Work

Travis FactsWrong actually (I can't believe I am actually saying this) made a good point in his Sunday article about campaign brochures for Mayor Blum and candidate Channing having similar wording....

Sometimes you've got to wonder if the candidates for Santa Barbara City Council are getting fed their lines from the same sources. Reading certain campaign brochures, you'd have to think there are a handful of political consultants making a killing by getting paid multiple times for the same work.

Here's a line pulled from Mayor Marty Blum's campaign literature: "I'd like our city to once again be thought of as a leader in recycling, clean water, green building and environmental consciousness."

Compare that to this line from council wannabe Dianne Channing's brochure: "Our city should strive to once again be the standard-bearer of environmentalism in America."

OK, maybe the similarity is just a coincidence. And I'm glad they agree with what the News-Press has been saying for two years about City Hall lagging in being an environmental leader.

Although I wouldn't say that these candidates are following the News press' lead -- the wording is similar and they do have the same consultant....


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