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Monday, October 10, 2005

What's the News Press Keeping From Their Readers?

What if these posts were written like a News-Opress editorial?:

What's the News Press Keeping From Their Readers?

That's the question Santa Barbarans are left with after their continuing effort to pretend to speak for our citizenry surrounding the SEIU questionnnaire. In addition, their lack of full disclosure around their "co-marketing" with 1290 AM is most troubling due to the potential for conflict of interest between their paper and the radio station.

There's a growing fear that their "lease" of 1290 AM will lead our region on a path of even greater misinformation about local news. Perhaps Mr. Cacique's suggestion that KCSB should provide local news for the radio is a good one.

As for the questionnaire, her man at De la Guerra's biggest challenge is to convince us why council candidate's responses to SEIU's questionnaire is a issue that deserves to be in the public domain. A union has rights and can do what they please with the responses they get from candidates -- which were intended for their membership. Showing backbone, Mayor Blum and council candidate House are smart to keep their answers from being published.


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