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Saturday, September 06, 2008

How Not to Make a Candidate Web Site by Goleta Council Member Jean Blois

With little fanfare, Goleta Council Member Jean Blois' web site has gone live at

I'm not always my own best editor and will take my lumps when due, but Jean's web site has a few issues. There are too many spelling errors to mention and a design that screams at you.

Worst of all, when you visit her contribution page -- it refers to some guy named John Smithfield rather than Jean. Who knows if your money would get to her or not?

Likely, she has a volunteer that may not know what they are doing --- still, now that Labor Day has passed, it's time to dot the i's and cross the t's.

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Anonymous sa1 said...

You know what's missing? The last statement should say:

"And after listening to you, I'm going to do whatever I feel like. Trust me"

The most visceral disappointment I've felt over these last few years is the selling out of The Good Land and Gaviota to raise tax income and bow to the University.

Housing and hotels now. That's what we're about. The dumping ground for SB and the Uni...nothing for the tax paying public unless you include Costco and HD like we didn't have enough places to buy stuff...

Plenty though for the individual land owners who fancy every square inch is a gold mine they deserve to cash in on...all it takes is well place campaign contributions and State manipulations. A few high end lawyers always helps...

9/06/2008 7:06 AM  
Anonymous pol watching said...

LOL!!! Good catch, Sara: Somehow I don't feel this is so secure --- and if she isn't even up to even having her name right on the grasping for bucks page....!!!!!!


Welcome to our secure online contribution page. The most important support you can give our campaign is voting for John Smithfield on Election Day. However, campaigns require money and your financial support will help us reach key undecided voters. That's why I hope you'll click on the link below and make the most generous contribution you can. Thank you for your support.

Click Here to Contribute through a Secure Server"

9/06/2008 9:28 AM  
Anonymous yes_on_measure_a said...

A much better campaign web site is

It contains all the key information and has a place to sign up to receive more information, volunteer, or contribute.

9/06/2008 10:17 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Duuuuude -- I'll allow this one because it relates to the elections coming up and all but maybe you could have pointed out the council majority's almost competing initiative? If you are doing a shameless plug -- at least give some grist for the mill. Thanks!

9/06/2008 11:08 AM  
Anonymous First District Streetfighter said...

Well, Sara, the theme of your posting was about how lame, or not, the Jean Blah web site is.

YesOnMeaasureA just claims to have a better web site instead.

Just what can we conclude that Jean Ploys actually is working to get reelected?

And by asking for votes if not donations to shift to Smithfield, the Blase campaign has just blown any appearance that Smithfield is nothing but her little Beach.

9/06/2008 12:34 PM  
Anonymous pol watching said...

True, the Yes on Measure A site is much better --- but I'd guess it cost at least a thousand, probably more. How does one find out such things, that is, how much campaigns pay for Web sites and consultants?

9/06/2008 9:49 PM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

The web site cost would be pretty static for operations but the number varies for design and site development. Measure A will need to file what they have raised and what they have spent -- the numbers would show up there. I'm not sure though when the next filing deadline is -- anyone? You would then review the paperwork at the Elections office. Unfortunately, they aren't provided online like in Ventura.

9/07/2008 5:11 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Moreno said...

sa1 is, alas, spot on. Jean's a nice woman, but she and the others in the majority, Bennett and Onnen, seem to have adopted a kind of Oxnard mind-set: the more we build, the more we make in taxes and fees. If you've been to Oxnard -- or even Ventura, which looks a lot like the San Fernando Valley these days -- you know what that means: overcrowding, traffic, crime.

Goleta deserves a whole lot better.

9/07/2008 7:29 PM  
Anonymous First District Streetfighter said...

To complete the Oxnard example:

The more they approve to build, the more revenue the city gains (assuming the city bargains a good deal), then the more those new developments need in long-term city services, so the more they need to approve to build, so the more the revenue the city gains, then the more revenue is needed for more city services, so the more they approve to build....

It is a pyramid scheme in Oxnard and would be in Goleta as well.

9/08/2008 12:35 PM  
Anonymous eggs_ackley said...


Now every campaign in America can afford a professional website with the exact same powerful features you see on websites for BIG million-dollar campaigns.

It’s hard to believe, but for less than $25 you could have a full-featured campaign website live on the Internet by this time tomorrow! And we’re not talking about some basic one page “online brochure.” We’re talking about a real website with all the bells and whistles like a secure credit card contributions page, volunteer signup form, online survey, photo gallery and much more!

you gets what you pays for.

9/08/2008 2:27 PM  
Anonymous AN50 said...

Fer God’s sake, leave the woman alone. Jeeze of all the things ta pick on. Sat1 makes it sound like the bulldozers are at it day and night. You need to get out of town every now and then and get a less parochial perspective. The growth in this area has been largely stagnant for nearly 4 decades, so yes when a few developments actually do get built it appears like a big thing but it ain’t. I will agree that we have been held hostage by county government and UCSB for the same period of time. UCSB has been in a building boom on its campus and has used the no growth people in this town as the perfect useful idiots. Why yes we will grow our student body, staff and faculty but don’t you worry we won’t build a single road, water supply or housing unit to support that growth. Blois, Onnen and Bennett try to hang on to the last vestiges of tax revenue generating high tech industry and the UCSB sock puppets scream bloody murder. Don’t worry though the housing market bubble burst will solve yer problem for you. Then you can decide to be a student, staff or faculty worker or just slave away in the retail/service sector and watch all the smug middle class retirees get taxed out of their homes.

9/10/2008 10:59 PM  

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