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Thursday, November 13, 2008

19th Senate District Update (11/13, 6 AM) Strickland Now Too Far Ahead?

Late yesterday I realized that I will need to time stamp these updates as the numbers are changing so often. Here's the latest as of this morning - Strickland is now ahead by 1,560 votes. How long will this back and forth go on? I'm afraid that unless there are a great many Santa Barbara-based votes left, Hannah-Beth may not be able to catch up. Hopefully we will get another update today.

As requested, there are totals on the charts now. Remember you can click on them to make them larger.

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Anonymous city watching said...

Why so many differences on these vote counts. The Indy shows for latest as of 11/11 :
The bottom line was that the Republican maintained a 540-vote edge:

Strickland 181,222
Jackson 180,682

but in another column for 11/12 it says:
The overall tally now stands at:
Strickland 187,631 (50.20)
Jackson 186,071 (49.79)

Yours for the 13th also shows
Strickland 187,631
Jackson 186,071
(btw, it would be helpful if you gave candidate totals rather than the county totals or as well as the individual county totals)

The state at a link posted at edhat shows:
reporting as of Nov. 13, 2008, at 4:08 a.m.
Jackson 167,722 50.2%
Strickland 166,407 49.8%

There should be a better way than this, a single place where the latest, up-to-the-hour totals are posted.

Thanks for your graphs!

11/13/2008 7:00 AM  
Anonymous city watching said...

I see below the bar graph that you do have the totals --- the type was small and I missed it.

Thanks for all your up-dating!

11/13/2008 7:01 AM  
Blogger Sara De la Guerra said...

Thanks city watcher...basically, there are updates throughout the day and depending on when the Indy or I report, you might see different totals. I try to do it in the early morning so it won't change for a few hours.

11/13/2008 8:26 AM  

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