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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jerry Roberts Fundraising Letter

It's gotta be tough when you are in a court case against Wendy McCaw. Like so many two-year olds that want whine with their cheese, McCaw seems to appeal until she gets the answer she wants. This is a money pit for Jerry Roberts and there is little reason for it other than McCaw can appeal. Please help if you can....the following is in Jerry's own words and jumps to his website after the break. -Sara

I want to update you on what's happened in the $25 million lawsuit filed against me by billionaire Wendy McCaw’s Ampersand Publishing, the owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press.

As you know, I resigned as editor in 2006 to protest unethical journalistic practices at the paper. For 2½ years, I have been unable to talk publicly about the litigation because it was filed as a private arbitration. But McCaw's lawyers recently took the matter public, so I can bring you up to date.

The good news is that we've won. The arbitrator has issued interim orders denying all of Ampersand’s claims against me and declaring me to be the prevailing party in the case. The bad news is that because of McCaw's unlimited resources and vindictive effort to ruin my family financially, it's not over yet. [Read More]

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Anonymous fight back said...

I got Jerry's letter and my first thought was I'm having enough troubles balancing my own budget, that I can't give him any more money because I'm trying to cut back on my own expenses. Then I took a minute to think about his situation- he's in the same economic boat as the rest of us AND he's got to fight Wendy. Jerry, I'm sending your lawyers' committee a check, and hope that others did deeper to do the same

3/07/2009 11:09 PM  
Anonymous jerry roberts said...

Wow. FB, I'm humbled and honored by your support. Thank you.

3/08/2009 11:03 AM  
Anonymous Wendy needs to chill said...

I sent the Alliance a check, too, because anyone with their foot in the proximity of Wendy's posterior should have maximal monetary impetus to propel toward the target.

3/12/2009 10:53 PM  

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