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Monday, June 13, 2005

Blogabarbara Mention!

We didn't know "The Slugger" was a fan of Blogabarbara! If you saw yesterday's News-Press -- you'll notice she mentioned us in the fundraising letter they reprinted verbatim. We aren't sure whether to think it's scary that we were included or to be proud that are reputation as psuedo-journalists has now been elevated. In any event, I was on vacation until yesterday and came back to find the barrel of ink in the Voices section of the News-Press.

If Cannon or I were her campaign manager (possibly even Frank), we probably wouldn't have said what she said -- but no one said Mayor Blum didn't have an independent streak. It's something I value but also something that can get one in's great that she's joining us in taking on the boys in the newsroom, but I'm not sure it's her best move. Lucky for her there is no opponent to worry about -- we'll see what happens at the filing deadline on August 12th.

More later....