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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shane Stark Joins Cabal on Off-Leash Public Affairs!

for County government watchers...
Shane Stark joins the Cabal in this episode of Off-Leash Public Affairs

Thursday at 1130 and beyond on cable TV-17, view retired County Counsel Shane Stark as he joins the Cabal and dishes to SBCAN about local culture and politics, and the state of the local news media, during the annual Looking Forward awards event by SBCAN (Santa Barbara County Action Network)

See this at the website for Off-Leash Public Affairs or on Cox cable TV, channel 17, with a schedule in the description at the OLPA website or below for TV-17.

06/12/2008, Thu., 11:30 AM
06/14/2008, Sat., 09:30 AM
06/15/2008, Sun., 08:00 PM
06/16/2008, Mon., 06:30 PM
06/18/2008, Wed., 05:30 AM
06/21/2008, Sat., 09:30 AM
06/22/2008, Sun., 08:00 PM



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